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  1. My carb guy is desperate for certain cores and from what he tells me some of those could be very valuable or not depending on the tags. I know they will sell but for how much I have no idea. Good Luck.
  2. My father in law would like to talk to you about the car but the number on the your web site doesn’t seem to work. How is the best way to get in touch? We’re about 2 hours away from you and I think he would like to make arrangements to see the car. Bill Clark or call my cell 443-465-0171
  3. I know on belts it doesn't matter what brand but they all have to be the same brand. Found that out the hard way.
  4. You aren't bringing this to Hershey are you, my father in law is looking for one of these.
  5. Turn signal switch would be my first investigation.
  6. I do know the policy of AACA and I personally am an original car person myself but the facts speak for themselves, most of the car hobbyist active today are into various forms of modifieds . This is validated by our diminishing size! Ask yourself why the Cadillac-LaSalle club, certainly one of the oldest marque clubs in the country, has embraced modifieds.
  7. Back to the modified Ford coupe. AACA will either figure out a way of integrating some modefieds into our family or it will fade away like the original cars themselves. Personally I love perfectly restored cars to original condition, that is all I have, but I have learned from my efforts to recruit new members for our local chapter that we need to embrace some form of "Hot Rods".
  8. I recently attended the Eastern Spring meet in NJ and, though hot, it was a pretty nice turn out in terms of cars. I know there is a good bit of promotion done inside the AACA for these events to get people to participate which is good and fairly easy. I wonder how much promotion is done outside the AACA club via local news, social media, advertising at other local car shows so on and so forth. The reason I mention this is that though that show was held in one of the most densely populated area of the country there were very few "spectators" as opposed to other participants and there helpers. The fall meet in Hershey needs very little promotion as people come from all over the world to just see the cars. Other regional shows not so much. I was thinking this is a really nice show and it is absolutely free to the public, it should be mobbed. I think the crowd that didn't show is an assume source of new and future members. Now, having made my pitch I want to say the organizers of the meet did a great job and everything went smooth as silk for me. I can only imagine the effort it takes to put together all the different elements of a National Meet so please don't think I am being critical. Maybe headquarters could put together a working media plan for all of the regionals to use especially getting word out via social media which many of us know nothing about yet it is how the younger people seem to network. Just a thought, I love a show where there are so many people I don't get a chance to sit down for talking to people about my car.
  9. It was a very nice article and the cars were all pretty spectacular. I was impressed by the number of cars that were not "Full Classic" which I think made the group interesting to a broader number of enthusiast. The real question will be if we'll ever see a non full classic car as the winner? I hope so, otherwise they should limit the field to those cars.
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