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  1. One thing to keep in mind is the rated capacity of a lift is with the wheels directly above the cross beams. So with the wheelbase of most cars being less than the length between cross beams you need to know how much to derate the lift. With the 9000 lbs lift you don't have to worry too much but with a 7000 lbs you need to know as you may be getting close to the edge of the envelope.
  2. Only a real commercial Rotary. For non commercial use I think Bend Pack is the best I've seen.
  3. I have a Bend Pack 9000 and it works well for occasional use, much better than a lot of the cheaper ones I have seen. However if I was getting one for regular use I would get a Rotary.
  4. Sir Stirling Moss Died Sunday at the age of 90. I was lucky enough to meet him at the 2015 Amelia Island Concour where he was the guest of honor. A remarkable career and life. At the banquet they did a sit down interview and asked him questions about his time in racing and it was fascinating. He raced for many years after he retired professionally and they asked why he finally gave it up altogether at the age of 81 I think. I will never forget his response "I was driving a car that could turn up to 8100 RPM but I didn't have the nerve to take it past 7800 so I thought I should just quit"
  5. I have shown in AACA, Concours and Marque Club events and have been lucky enough to do well in all venues. I don't own a CCCA car so can't comment on the judging within those shows. I think AACA has it about right as far as their point system goes and If I have any criticism it would be that the leap to a Grand National award is too easy. I have seen far too many SR Grand National awards that stretch a AACA SR National First. I don't think anyone is trying to give a buddy a break but just not enough people who know what a Sr. Grand National winner should look like. I agree that the most telling awards are those from the Marque clubs who usually know what a well sorted car looks like. The Concours judging is mostly whimsical where the story about the car is more important than the condition, though that is not always the case. Lately I have seen some function requirements at concour events which I think is good, and in most cases the rules require the car to be driven onto the field under its own power. I would also say that Concour judging is often very tough as there are often many cars that could be considered the best and in the end someone has to choose. The only problem with people's choice award is when they just put out stacks of ballots at the ballot box and someone grabs a bunch and stuffs the box. At a recent event in Florida the people's choice award was a joke and the MC made the comment that the owner should run for the Mayor of Chicago!
  6. There are so many factors that affect a car's value that no one guide could ever be perfect. Unlike new or late model cars condition is a lot more subjective and the amount of sales a lot less. I would say the guides do a pretty good job overall and that without question there are a lot of inaccuracies in them. There are extremely few #1 & #2 cars. In the case of # 1 cars most trade privately so they don't get seen by the data bases. Secondly trends can change quickly though prices change slowly. In the case of a trend change the market can be caught with a lot of cars in a particular condition which makes yours hard to sell, doesn't mean it won't. Presentation is really important, if your ad lacks detail and a lot of good photos your less likely to be able to sell your car no matter what the price especially if it is not highly sought after. Which brings me to the last point and often most painful, just because the car is "rare" or "special to you" doesn't mean it is desirable and often just won't bring the money. Auction are not the best way to buy or sell a car but they do in fact sell a huge amount and you can learn a lot from the numbers. In the lowest tier of the market I think there are very few bargains at auctions.
  7. I found an old judging manual today 2001 revision and the point deduction is max of 3 points per tire including spare and 3 points per wheel including spare now both are lowered to 2 points. So someone who was not familiar with Avant II's not knowing what was factory may have thought the deductions would be too great at that time to get an award. I'm thinking the wire wheels, which look European to me, may have led to this thought more than the radial tires both of which apparently are factory. But a tire or wheel deduction would be a 10 point deduction each as the spare has to match the other 4 tires, the wheels could be an 8 point deduction if the spare was factory with a different style wheel.
  8. The radial tire deduction used to be 10 points per tire I think but won't bet the farm on that. Maybe someone will know if there was a change in the deduction and how much that change was. I would assume it came from the factory with radial tires in 76 so I can't see that would be a problem. I can't imagine any other reason for steering you toward DPC unless because of your driving the car it would get deductions for condition.
  9. With older cars and non original tires (radials) they would put you in DPC because 4 incorrect tires would prevent an otherwise perfect car from achieving an award. That would not be the case with a 1976 because it probably came with radial tires. I believe they have since lowered the point deduction for non original style tires and a car can squeak through. Were the wire wheels a factory option for the Avanti II's? If not that may be why you were directed to dpc.
  10. Most Concours Judging is whimsical, the story you have to tell is often more important than the condition of the car. Though recently I have been to a couple that have function tests which used to be used to break a tie. I like the format and the people I meet and get to talk to about the car.
  11. The Roosevelt Spa in Saratoga is the nicest show venue I have ever attended in my opinion, better than Amelia Island as far as setting. The old buildings with the reflecting pool and the Guideon Putnam hotel make for a great place for a weekend trip where there is something for non car people to do as well. I would return to that venue for sure. Pictured is my 63 Thunderbird Sports Roadster.
  12. I think it is a good looking car, it has the M code engine with three 2 barrel carbs, 340 hp. A friend of mine know the guy who sold it in 08 and thinks they want around 1M now.
  13. Sold for $660,000 with commision in 2008 at BJ Scottsdale. I think it went again in 2017 but I have not found it, I thought a BJ again but not sure.
  14. That car sold at auction I think a few years ago and then was a no sale more recently. I do not remember the numbers but it was pretty well done restoration as I recall. I will try to get more info.
  15. It was a postcard, I remember my grandmother showing me one 30-40 years ago, I remember the image. Thanks for trying to sharpen it!
  16. This is a photo (1945-1948) of my Grandmother's restaurant which was located on US RT 1 north of Bel Air, MD. At the time this was the main north south route between Baltimore and Philadelphia prior to I-95 coming through Harford County. It was called the White House Park and as a kid I remember it being a park like setting. Sorry it isn't a better photo but wondered if anyone could ID any of the cars. Thanks
  17. I think there are some cross threaded nuts out there as well but not sure how they fit into the scheme of things.
  18. In terms of value the old "rice burners" are the hot lick right now, honestly never thought I would see the day. Japan had a history of copying other peoples designs and then improving on them so it was a long time before we saw a lot of innovation but they came into their own and some of those cars are starting to take root in the hoby. A good thing I think.
  19. Great thread, thought provoking. I didn't come into the hobby until I was in my mid 40's and was never a car nut when I was a kid but did enjoy anything mechanical. My father never saw a vehicle of any kind as anything but transportation to be used until it could no longer move. I guess I got into the hobby because I got tired of all cars looking the same with no sense of style or individuality, they all looked the same. To me old cars are no different than art in that you should try to enjoy the beauty of the design, the visual impact and the uniqueness it brought at the time. On the mechanical side I like innovative and advanced designs that made a difference going forward. To me these are cars that mattered, that made a difference in the history of automobiles and excited us to see what would come next. Oh and it is also helpful if they are supercharged or otherwise boosted!
  20. I agree with the statement that 10,000 LBS is too much for anyone's 1/2 ton regardless of engine or towing configuration. I think I would limit a 1/2 ton to no more than 5000 LBS, car and trailer, and then only with an equalizing hitch. The proper tongue weight is critical to safety and you won't be able to get there in a 1/2 ton without an equalizing hitch. If your towing 10,000 car and trailer than you definitely need a 3/4 ton and if you don't want it shifting all the time a diesel. That isn't to say you can't tow something a short distance with a light truck but you better know what you are doing or it can go bad very quickly and when it goes bad it is expensive.
  21. Has anyone had any luck getting in touch with or purchasing anything from Jim's Battery Mfg. (formally Antique Auto battery)? Though I had nothing but good experiences with the former company I have not been able to get in touch with the new owners. Does anyone know of an alternative source?
  22. How about this! https://www.mecum.com/lots/CH1019-389756/1962-ford-thunderbird-convertible/ It's not even a Sports Roadster, but the sale was apparently real and it looks like a nice car but $220,000.00!
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