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  1. Just a follow up. Spoke to the head of judging who let my team captain know and everything was fine, could not have been nicer about the problem. Ordering new ones tomorrow.
  2. Need a 1956 GMC hood for a 100 series pick up. Truck is actually a GMC Suburban Carrier which is the GMC version of a Chevrolet Cameo. As far as I know all 56 and possible late 55 hoods are the same. Needs to be in decent condition but will restore. The one that came on the truck had covered some swiss cheese metal with bondo, trying to make it right.
  3. Thanks, sent him an email just now and had sent an email to the staff person who handles awards yeaterday.
  4. In preparing my car for Gettysburg I find that my First Jr and Senior award badges and the bracket have fallen off the car somewhere. I know these badges are required but I doubt I will be able to get them replaced before the event. If I bring the loss to the attention of the judging captain when first approached to judge my car is their recent loss a qualifying excuse or is it still a disqualifying infraction?
  5. On the T Bird a 292 would be an M code "M6FH..." and would be pretty rare and not as valuable, I don't think I have ever seen one. The color would be a problem unless it was an S code as well. For that kind of money it would have to be a nearly flawless concour quality car. There are a ton on the market but 56 was the lowest production year and some people love the continental kit which was standard.
  6. Tom Gerrard had a fabulous collection of interesting cars restored to the finest detail. I have seen a few being auctioned over the last couple years but just assumed he was trimming his collection. A real loss for the hoby.
  7. We don't take deductions for non factory paint as in "Base Clear" vs single stage or lacquer. We don't take deductions for having non original brand tires as long as they are bias if that is what was on it originally and the correct size. How do we know it wasn't factory authorized if the factory is silent to this brand of undercoating. This sounds like something from the IRS unless it is specifically authorized is is prohibited. I do not believe a deduction for this would be in the spirit of the judging guidelines, if it is I hope a senior judge will weigh in and declare that to be the case.
  8. Gunmetal gray is probably the most expensive of all the colors when coupled with a red interior as far as resale. It was 57 color only and late in production I think but they are stunning when done well.
  9. It will be interesting to see but if you don't mention it to the judges I'll bet they won't take a deduction. I believe any dealer installed option is allowed factory authorized or not Realistically why should there be a deduction it doesn't change anything about the shape form or function of the car.
  10. The Zebart should not be a deduction as it was available as a dealer installed option. There should be no points deducted for this if it is done correctly in a professional manor.
  11. I think on the Baby Birds the colors that were available were "festive" and people like that. If you go to a CTCI convention and get a birds eye view of the field I think you will understand why white and black seem to not be as desirable. The 40% price reduction for white came to me from the biggest seller of restored baby birds in the country and I think he knows what he is talking about from my own observations. This is not an indictment of white it is just the reality. I will further say that the further down the condition range this becomes less of a factor. The 40% reduction in price would be on a Concour quality car.
  12. Just tells you that is was a 1956 Thunderbird with a 312 engine, built in Dearborn, MI . 2542545 is the basic production number starting with 100001. There is other info on the patent plate which is located behind the heater blower motor on the fire wall. It looks to me like the rear fenders/s have been replaced as that "pie crust " crimp and weld at the door jamb was not how they left the body builder. Thunderbirds of the 55-57 model years had a one piece main body that was built by a coach builder for Ford, Budd I think was their name. The bodies were all welded from new and while there workmanship wasn't perfect it was better than that. I would say this is a sub $20,000 car at best.
  13. It takes an extraordinary D code Tbird to bring $30K in my opinion, too many out there that are nice drivers for $20,000 to $25,000. According to the Tbird guru's a white car is as much as a 40% discount. I will say this, if it is a good runner and you price it in that $20K range and put it out in the front yard it will sell, if you want $30K your going to have to work for it.
  14. I assume you intended "then" instead of "the", unfortunately spell check can't fix everything!
  15. I think you should lighten up on the guy a little bit.
  16. The value of those vehicles was never greater than the moment when that wall collapsed!
  17. In our area the "Not For Hire" keeps the DOT police off your back if you have a commercial drivers license and the trailer is registered in the company name. You don't have to stop at weigh stations and they generally leave you alone. My trailers are all registered in Maine and pay no MD title tax, as of now totally legal.
  18. "Just because it is rare doesn't make it valuable" That is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received from people in the old car hoby.
  19. All cars are worth what you or someone else are willing to pay, simple as that.
  20. edinmass Glad your Mascot is conforming to CDC guidelines!
  21. Hope to go to that sale, lots of interesting cars at no reserve.
  22. I would gladly give up a trophy and just get the badges, in fact I did this for Hershey last year. There should be a check box on the application if you are willing to forgo the trophy so the club can save the money and the need to haul them to the event. I wouldn't mind paying a little more for the registration as I understand how expensive it is to put on an event and frankly in the scheme of things it is probably the least expensive portion of your participation. As to paying for trailer parking at a GN event I think this would be counterproductive. First a very high percentage of GN cars are trailered and I think this should be rolled into the registration fee. I would recommend against charging the public to attend, in fact I have advocated promoting public attendance through some social or other advertising conduit. The more people you have attending the more chances of you coming up with new members and frankly the more interesting the show is for the competitors.
  23. Different colors work for different cars in unusual ways. Make no mistake about it, the "wrong" Color will definitely decrease a car's value . I can't tell you how many times I have disregarded a car that I would have been interested in because I didn't like the color. Resprays are just too expensive to correct a bad color.
  24. Before you start to do your frame you need to decide what you want the car to be when you finish. You will get lots of advice about making it original and not over restoring the frame and the car. If you are going to show the car you will have to over restore to be competitive. While sandblasting and putting any number of different paints on it will make it maybe better than original, if you don't fill and sand and straighten every bump pit and ding you will start at a disadvantage. Sad as that may be.
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