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  1. A friend told me this morning there are two 55's in Hemmings, both in GA I think. No idea what the VIN's are. Good Luck.
  2. For small clubs like ours I would guess that merger with other regions will happen and is a reasonable way to go. I think for a club to thrive it has to be about the cars and doing events with the cars. The social element is easier but has less draw to new people. There are so many things pulling us different directions and we need people to want to join for the technical support and the interaction with like minded people. What is the old adage "I wouldn't belong to a club that would have me as a member", this is how I feel about the pure social element of th clubs.
  3. I have been concerned with membership of our local region AACA for some time. We have been around for a while but were never a large club. When I got in about 12 years ago we had 25-35 people at out monthly membership meetings and always tried to have a program. Now we would be lucky to have 10 out and it is always the same die hards. I am 63 and the youngest or second youngest in the group. I have started a cars and coffee on Sunday mornings which Covid has made rather successful due to cancellation of other events which are sponsored. We are totally un-sponsored and it is totally casua
  4. Hymans just sold one and I would love to know what it brought. It was in running order so they say.
  5. You are missing the point I'm afraid. I personally like nothing but original cars and have both drivers and trailer queens. I have been lucky enough to have Grand National cars and have received two national awards. It doesn't matter how much of a purist you or I are the reality is the purists are dying off and the younger generation has not embraced that segment of the hobby. I think the hot rodders and the resto moders understand the difference better than you think. I have never seen the disrespect from that group toward one of my cars that they suffer from some of our members. The i
  6. I don't know Mr Staluppi but know someone who does and from what he has told me he is a pretty ordinary guy who has made a lot of money in a variety of businesses including trash collection. As to the quality of his collection I think the numbers speak for themselves. It is pretty easy to research the selling prices of cars he has turned over and the prices are as off the charts as the cars themselves. If not for people who are willing to spend way more than a car is worth to restore it to new condition what cars will future generations have to enjoy and appreciate? Why should anyone's col
  7. In the Nash- Healeys the cast iron head was replaced with a light weight aluminum head in England at Don Healey's shop. I think all the Nash Le Mans Duel Jet Fire engines had a cast iron head.
  8. Who do you have to contact to get copies of the judging sheets?
  9. Just a follow up. Spoke to the head of judging who let my team captain know and everything was fine, could not have been nicer about the problem. Ordering new ones tomorrow.
  10. Need a 1956 GMC hood for a 100 series pick up. Truck is actually a GMC Suburban Carrier which is the GMC version of a Chevrolet Cameo. As far as I know all 56 and possible late 55 hoods are the same. Needs to be in decent condition but will restore. The one that came on the truck had covered some swiss cheese metal with bondo, trying to make it right.
  11. Thanks, sent him an email just now and had sent an email to the staff person who handles awards yeaterday.
  12. In preparing my car for Gettysburg I find that my First Jr and Senior award badges and the bracket have fallen off the car somewhere. I know these badges are required but I doubt I will be able to get them replaced before the event. If I bring the loss to the attention of the judging captain when first approached to judge my car is their recent loss a qualifying excuse or is it still a disqualifying infraction?
  13. On the T Bird a 292 would be an M code "M6FH..." and would be pretty rare and not as valuable, I don't think I have ever seen one. The color would be a problem unless it was an S code as well. For that kind of money it would have to be a nearly flawless concour quality car. There are a ton on the market but 56 was the lowest production year and some people love the continental kit which was standard.
  14. Tom Gerrard had a fabulous collection of interesting cars restored to the finest detail. I have seen a few being auctioned over the last couple years but just assumed he was trimming his collection. A real loss for the hoby.
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