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  1. Jump boxes of any kind will ruin a Optima or Odyssey battery immediately. If you are running one of these batteries in a original looking case you do not want to use a jump box the high voltage will destroy the battery. All the original look battery mfg will warn you of this problem.
  2. What is the current correct procedure for getting the redacted judging sheets from the Saratoga Spring Meet?
  3. I have recently had to use Battery Central Mall in VA. They have long lead times though so you may have to wait a while. If you google Battery central mall they have an interactive web sight that will allow you to order online but it will charge your credit card right away. If you call them and give the order they will bill the card when they ship I think.
  4. You can't go wrong with a Featherlite and I agree that a 24' is the best for load distribution and resale. I tow with a 2500 Ram Diesel and don't have any need for an equalizing hitch, don't even know the trailer is back there. Don't buy a taller trailer than you need, mine is about a foot or more higher than a standard and it cost me about 1/2 to3/4 MPG.
  5. One piece of advice I can give is to get a trailer longer than you need for the longest car you expect to haul so that you have room to move it back and forth to get the correct tongue weight. I have a tongue weight scale built into my hitch, by weigh safe, sometimes moving the car a couple inches makes a big difference in how it tows. If you don't have any room for back and forth you are stuck with one position which may not yield the best towing conditions.
  6. I think the tan was actually "Desert Sunset" .
  7. How good could the stability be?
  8. I agree the Boca Concours event is well put together and we had a wonderful tour up to the Breakers in Palm Beach (ran out of gas on the way back, turns out the gauge was working). My only thought was the major sponsor's name was too prominent throughout the show which I thought commercialized it a little too much.
  9. There does seem to be a lot of HP around the Audrain Concours and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I am looking forward to the tour on Saturday for sure but Newport is a great destination with something for everyone to enjoy. The venues available for the show are fantastic and will have some wonderful photo opportunities. I hope it lives up to the hype.
  10. There are lots of fun second tier concours out there, I look at it as a nice place to go for a weekend trip. Not nearly the pressure of Amelia Island or I am sure PB but a more relaxed atmosphere. My friend and I try to pick out two or three events a year somewhere we haven't been. Someplace that has good restaurants and something our wives will enjoy, like shopping or spas. If we win our class great, but we both enjoy just showing our cars and talking to others who enjoy them.
  11. The 4 passenger Thunderbirds of the late 50's and through the 60's were marketed by Ford with the term "Personal Luxury Car" not sure there was strict criteria for this handle though. I agree that the Lincoln Mark II's should be included and probably many others.
  12. A friend told me this morning there are two 55's in Hemmings, both in GA I think. No idea what the VIN's are. Good Luck.
  13. For small clubs like ours I would guess that merger with other regions will happen and is a reasonable way to go. I think for a club to thrive it has to be about the cars and doing events with the cars. The social element is easier but has less draw to new people. There are so many things pulling us different directions and we need people to want to join for the technical support and the interaction with like minded people. What is the old adage "I wouldn't belong to a club that would have me as a member", this is how I feel about the pure social element of th clubs.
  14. I have been concerned with membership of our local region AACA for some time. We have been around for a while but were never a large club. When I got in about 12 years ago we had 25-35 people at out monthly membership meetings and always tried to have a program. Now we would be lucky to have 10 out and it is always the same die hards. I am 63 and the youngest or second youngest in the group. I have started a cars and coffee on Sunday mornings which Covid has made rather successful due to cancellation of other events which are sponsored. We are totally un-sponsored and it is totally casual or unorganized. I and other members of the club have not been able to recruit one member for the Harford Region AACA. Out of normally say 75-100 cars that show up randomly I would say 80% are hot rods and modifieds. We have a great time and have no trouble with burnouts and such but no one is interested in the club. I think there are lot of reasons for the declining club membership all of which are legitimate reasons though sad. The aging population has slowed everyone down and we simply don't have the energy we once did. Everything organized is more difficult today, worrying about liability and all the rules to be broken and no one including me wants the risk. It used to be if there was a car show the local clubs put it on for the public to enjoy once or twice a year. Now (pre COVID) you can go to 5 cruise nights a week and it is no big deal. Most young people don't have the connection to the cars our generation had and don't have the excess cash to participate in a hobby which is expensive. Lastly the interest in the type cars has changed and the modified and hot rod builders are driving the hobby today more than ever. I continue to support the all original portion but am in the minority. In spite of the AACA putting a lot of effort into the younger generation I'm not sure there will be enough people to support the Marque clubs or the AACA.
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