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  1. The value of those vehicles was never greater than the moment when that wall collapsed!
  2. In our area the "Not For Hire" keeps the DOT police off your back if you have a commercial drivers license and the trailer is registered in the company name. You don't have to stop at weigh stations and they generally leave you alone. My trailers are all registered in Maine and pay no MD title tax, as of now totally legal.
  3. "Just because it is rare doesn't make it valuable" That is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received from people in the old car hoby.
  4. All cars are worth what you or someone else are willing to pay, simple as that.
  5. edinmass Glad your Mascot is conforming to CDC guidelines!
  6. Hope to go to that sale, lots of interesting cars at no reserve.
  7. I would gladly give up a trophy and just get the badges, in fact I did this for Hershey last year. There should be a check box on the application if you are willing to forgo the trophy so the club can save the money and the need to haul them to the event. I wouldn't mind paying a little more for the registration as I understand how expensive it is to put on an event and frankly in the scheme of things it is probably the least expensive portion of your participation. As to paying for trailer parking at a GN event I think this would be counterproductive. First a very high percentage of GN cars are trailered and I think this should be rolled into the registration fee. I would recommend against charging the public to attend, in fact I have advocated promoting public attendance through some social or other advertising conduit. The more people you have attending the more chances of you coming up with new members and frankly the more interesting the show is for the competitors.
  8. Different colors work for different cars in unusual ways. Make no mistake about it, the "wrong" Color will definitely decrease a car's value . I can't tell you how many times I have disregarded a car that I would have been interested in because I didn't like the color. Resprays are just too expensive to correct a bad color.
  9. Before you start to do your frame you need to decide what you want the car to be when you finish. You will get lots of advice about making it original and not over restoring the frame and the car. If you are going to show the car you will have to over restore to be competitive. While sandblasting and putting any number of different paints on it will make it maybe better than original, if you don't fill and sand and straighten every bump pit and ding you will start at a disadvantage. Sad as that may be.
  10. One thing to keep in mind is the rated capacity of a lift is with the wheels directly above the cross beams. So with the wheelbase of most cars being less than the length between cross beams you need to know how much to derate the lift. With the 9000 lbs lift you don't have to worry too much but with a 7000 lbs you need to know as you may be getting close to the edge of the envelope.
  11. Only a real commercial Rotary. For non commercial use I think Bend Pack is the best I've seen.
  12. I have a Bend Pack 9000 and it works well for occasional use, much better than a lot of the cheaper ones I have seen. However if I was getting one for regular use I would get a Rotary.
  13. Sir Stirling Moss Died Sunday at the age of 90. I was lucky enough to meet him at the 2015 Amelia Island Concour where he was the guest of honor. A remarkable career and life. At the banquet they did a sit down interview and asked him questions about his time in racing and it was fascinating. He raced for many years after he retired professionally and they asked why he finally gave it up altogether at the age of 81 I think. I will never forget his response "I was driving a car that could turn up to 8100 RPM but I didn't have the nerve to take it past 7800 so I thought I should just quit"
  14. I have shown in AACA, Concours and Marque Club events and have been lucky enough to do well in all venues. I don't own a CCCA car so can't comment on the judging within those shows. I think AACA has it about right as far as their point system goes and If I have any criticism it would be that the leap to a Grand National award is too easy. I have seen far too many SR Grand National awards that stretch a AACA SR National First. I don't think anyone is trying to give a buddy a break but just not enough people who know what a Sr. Grand National winner should look like. I agree that the most telling awards are those from the Marque clubs who usually know what a well sorted car looks like. The Concours judging is mostly whimsical where the story about the car is more important than the condition, though that is not always the case. Lately I have seen some function requirements at concour events which I think is good, and in most cases the rules require the car to be driven onto the field under its own power. I would also say that Concour judging is often very tough as there are often many cars that could be considered the best and in the end someone has to choose. The only problem with people's choice award is when they just put out stacks of ballots at the ballot box and someone grabs a bunch and stuffs the box. At a recent event in Florida the people's choice award was a joke and the MC made the comment that the owner should run for the Mayor of Chicago!