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  1. Hi. Found this piece of decoration and am trying to identify it. It has a signature on one side which reads E. C... B(?)...ti 35 or 75, and a 1/60 marking inside. The design style is similar to the Auto Union 1935 record car toy (attached image in aluminium), maybe from the same designer, or a version of it? Any help is most welcome. Thank you.
  2. I guess a trophy. That kind of ornament It would be too expensive to be used at a tombstone. Also people here in Brazil is too superstitious to remove it. However she's fully naked on the back and the wings position seems odd for a trophy. Julio
  3. Hello I found this at a antique shop and the owner said it could be a hood ornament (he attached it to the base). Can anyone help me to identify it? I found a similar sold at worthpoint, with the same flaming bowl, belt buckle design and hair style (https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1920s-art-deco-hood-ornament-winged-1817196488). Any idea where is it from? Thank you Julio
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