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  1. You mentioned RCI. Do you mean RCI Upholstery in Belle Plaine MN ?
  2. What do you mean by saying "except for the electric switches" ? The car comes with a nice thick service manual, so I might try to clean out the carb and put a kit in it myself.
  3. Yes the prices of them on ebay are not cheap once I convert them to Canadian currency and add shipping and maybe even brokerage fee.
  4. Thanks for all that info christian. Interestingly the crank handles on the drivers side are the ones keiser linked to with the plastic inserts. But on the passenger side they are the solid metal ones a bit longer. In my research I've discovered a couple versions of that style Mine are one piece as opposed to the ones that look like they are split down the centre. Mine have a philips screw on the inside. But both of them seem to be in fine shape. However now that I've been told that the plastic ones are the correct ones I'd eventually like to get them all matching. My front floor carpet
  5. Yes I went to my local napa store and they can bring in a carb kit overnight. But I've heard that there is more than one model of the carter B&B carb. Embossed on the side of the venturi is 6-431 They came up with a part number 25066A
  6. It actually snapped off internally. I'll try to take some close up pics of it. There is a tiny hole on the side and I'm wondering if I stick a sewing needle in the hole if it will release something and allow the plastic end to come out.
  7. Hi keith, I'm in Sidney BC. The window crank is the same as the ones that keiser posted pics of
  8. Hi there. I just bought a 1948 Chrysler Windsor. It's in very good unmolested condition. But it's been sitting and the carb will probably need rebuilding. I'm in BC Canada and it would be nice to purchase items in Canada only because of the customs hassel and extra costs bringing in stuff from the US. Two things I'm looking for are a rear window collapsible crank. I might be able to rebuild the one I have. I've noticed that the drivers side cranks are different than the passenger side. Drivers side have a yellowish plastic part that collapses. That's the one I need. The passenger side
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