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  1. An interesting dilemma you're got there. The time to think about a vehicle's title is before you buy it, or as you are building it. Is there a number on the frame? What number is on your bill of sale? That's the number that proves purchase. Some cars of the same vintage used the engine number as a vin on the title. Engines get replaced over the years, so DMVs are understanding. I'd think twice before becoming an accomplice to someones phony title offer.
  2. The clock appears same as Chev cars too….$140. + s&h
  3. Restoration project for the seriously talented restorers; 7 pass. touring with 247 v8, two barrel updraft Ball & Ball carb; disc wheels; most all there, mechanical, drive train; headlights, radiator & shell, all doors, all fenders, Needs all wood replaced. near PDX ; good Ore. title. A fabulous Olds that deserves to get back on the road. I've been removing and cleaning parts gradually. It's all very restorable. Have ATF/acetone soaking cylinders, heads came off easy.