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  1. I changed the oil, 4 quarts, and the oil level showed correctly on the dipstick. Then I did an oil pressure test and everything was fine. It started out at 80 psi when the oil was cold, then came down to 20 psi when the engine warmed up. So I know all is well mechanically. I went to a NAPA store with the original oil pressure switch and told them about the issues of finding an oil pressure switch that will work in my car. The store manager brought out an older catalog and found an oil pressure switch that he guaranteed would fit and work on my car. It was a large switch just like the origin
  2. Okay, thanks JZRIV for verifying that I have the correct dipstick. When I looked up the oil pressure switch on Rockauto I did notice that it was for a light, not a gauge. The switch that I think is for a gauge doesn't have the right wire connection. Mine has a screw/nut connection. That is what has been difficult about finding a oil pressure switch, the new aftermarket switches have blades, not the screw/nut connector. I guess I'm going to have to change the connector to a blade type. So, I have the right dipstick which means there is way too much oil, a quart or more. The oil is cle
  3. Hello all, thanks for reading my post and for your helping comments. I have a '67 Riviera. Bought it about 2 years ago. In the 2 years I've owned it, I've only put about 200 miles on it, probably not even that many. The guy who sold it to me, told me that the oil pressure gauge is always reading high but that it isn't an issue. I believed him because he rebuild and sells older classic cars, and when I drive the car, it doesn't smoke or show any other signs of problems. I started to look into the oil pressure sensor, finding the right one is really difficult. But when I checked the oil level,
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