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  1. I'm looking for suggestions on who to contact to restore a R-R PII Steering wheel. Our's has delaminated to the point that the plastic should be replaced, and it’s the type that the spokes aren’t completely covered.
  2. We are in the process of gathering some of the last items needed to finish the restoration of 43GX, a 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental with body by A. Van den Plas et fils of Brussels, Belgium. One of those items is the windscreen wiper system as shown in the photo below. The motor appears to be mounted to the rear by two bolts on the left side of the bottom base trim around the glass, with the main wiper and a slave being driven on the front, likely necessitating as many as three holes through the glass. We think it’s probably of European origin and are hoping to identify and find a system to acquire.
  3. The attached service manual and technical articles were sent to me by Fred Weisberger of the Hawaii region. He has an operating Sparton Bugle horn and over the years has collected a treasure trove of repair and maintenance information. He quite nicely sent me copies of the documents as I recently acquired two horns with the idea of taking the best components from each to make one that works. He also asked me to scan the materials and post them in the Technical Forum for the benefit of anyone interested in these fascinating vintage horns. Many thanks and a tip of the car-guy hat to Fred!
  4. All - Evidently The Horn Shop in NY is no longer in business. I have two early 1930s 6-volt Sparton Bugle-Chime Horns (with three trumpets) and am hoping to find a service provider experienced in 6-volt horn restoration. The job is to take the best components from each to make a good working horn. A search of the Internet turned out dry, and those that restore modern horns haven't been interested in the project (parts are not easily available.) .
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