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  1. Hugh, the Buick I own is a 1924 Brougham Model 51-A with opera door. The pictures of the car was posted by the former American owner in February 2010 at https://forums.aaca.org/topic/144634 I am not a computer expert so I have difficulty sending pictures which the former owner posted in the forum in February 2010. Willie Villar
  2. I just acquired a 1927 Buick Brougham Model 51 from an American friend here in Metro Manila, Philippines. I want to restore this car to original so I ordered three (3) books from Faxon Auto Literature to guide me in restoring the car. I will be needing some missing parts like an outside and inside door handle and other parts after I have dismantled the doors. Can anyone help me find sources of parts for my 27 Buick.This is my first attempt to restore pre-war (WWW2) car. My finished projects include 65 Mustang coupe, 69 Toyota Landcruiser BJ40, Land Rover Defender 90, and 2 classic mini coopers. Thanks.