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  1. I bought one for 800.oo a driver roof leakes 6 new tires, got to run rebulit carb 23.oo it's a driver. it's black needs repaint. seats need new fabric, I'll give 1200.oo Show me a piece that does'nt need a lot of work, Because of shipping cost. must include all listed, Have tires hold air for shipping
  2. I have not heard from you on the intieror cloth and hub caps. 2486602374@48083
  3. I have 34 pontiac front suspension complete, motor tran. and rearend, if it may help.
  4. I have a complete 34 pontiac rear differincal, were are you locaed,
  5. what would you want for the interior and the hub caps ? I have not heard from you, What is the price?
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