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  1. Thanks, Jeff. I will get it taken out of the and send it to Bill's. Sorry it didn't work out on yours. Jake Ennis, Montana
  2. Hi Jeff, I did some investigating here on the web. Darn it, mine is different. Close but no cigar. My gages are located around the outside where yours are more in the middle. Do you work on speedometers? Mine needs recalibrated.
  3. Anyway If it is the same for a 1949 I will buy it. My 49 is in storage about 75 miles away from my home so I can't just walk out and look at it. But if my memory is good enough I think it looks the same. Thanks Again, Jake Ennis, Montana
  4. Is this the same speedometer that fits a 1949? Thanks Jake Ennis, Montana
  5. I am looking for a factory radio antenna for a 1959 Rambler Ambassador. Email or call 406-270-8630 anytime. Jake in Ennis, Montana.
  6. I recently found this chassis on a friend ranch here in Montana and am try to identify what it is. Someone years ago built a wagon box on it but the chassis is in remarkable good shape. The chassis has about a 126" wheelbase, some weird running boards and also some real different hubs on the wheels. Tire size couldn't be made out because the tires are to far gone.