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  1. Oh and I got it for 1000.00 ..#winning
  2. Thanks for the reply and all the positive just joking. First I do have the vin off the body I'm looking for the vin for the engine. For some reason the different sites are conflicting on the location and none seem to be correct. The vin on the body online when keyed in came up 1955 oldsmobile 98 sedan made in Texas. NADA guild has the model value in 3 condition 8k , 20k and 38k . As for this modified car. With the exception of the rear window, keys and the spare. It have ever piece of chrome trim emblem, nod, handle hubcap. Every thing has been removed and taped to protect it by the previous owner. And matching numbers does not hold more importance for. Mopar or muscle car owner. Since ppl have been buying and RESTORING old cars having a resSo if for a moment we can get past the incorrect assumptions and return to the question. And this time I'll give you all the info...ok I just got the car and it has all the parts in the trunk ready to go one once the paint is done.. I have not see the numbers on the block that show it was or was not the engine that was in it when it came off the ... can I get some help with that. Questions s are welcome... negative assumptions I'll pass thanks
  3. Hello everyone. I'm keath from CA. Last week I found what I think is an amazing car at a unbeatable price. 1955 oldsmobile 98. I'm already falling for this car way to fast. She is beautiful and for me atleast the first thing I do when I get a classic car is figure out exactly what I have and what it was originally. From the start I'm seeing lots of conflicting info or info the is so general from 1949-1960 that I can in no way consider it accurate. So here we go...step 1 day 9. Engine vin location. I'm trying to locate the vin to see if I have the correct year and with some outrageous luck possibly matching numbers. Anyone has some guidance. I read a post of a member offering to scan his 1956 shop manual for a guy with questions on his 1955 98.. this is incredibly generous and I would like to see if the 56 shop manual was later scanned. I would think that although vin location maybe different much of the rest of that manual will help me dust this girl off the proper way and get her on the road turning heads again.. thanks in advance for any help.