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  1. Grimy im not familiar with this im a newbie how do i get to the public enquiries?
  2. Actually its a motor home conversion that i cusomized for show into one of the first mobile tattoo shops on wheels.after finishing it a few years ago its just been parked and ive got myself into a bind and i must sell my cars .and no i dont have any special classic car insurance on it.but i didnt have any special insurance on my 69 mustang and they waved the penaltys being a clssic on it years ago.
  3. I told the clerk that the vehicle was a classic she said so what is that about .i told her that the late fees were exempt if the vihicle is a classic .she said there ois no such law.
  4. Yeah i knew hof the law years ago with a 53 chev i owned .so yesterday i go to dmv to register my 1973 dodge van that was last registered in 2018 and was told there is no such thing . when i iasked how much was it going to be i was told $425 well how much are the penaltys at first she didnt know and that she didnt have a calculater .then said $168 the yearly registration fee are $68 on my old 2011 registration papers it shows $68 then the late fees max out at $192. So does my 73 dodge cualify as a classic .and my registration doesnt even show the different fee that add up to the fees amount?
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