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  1. Hullo Thanks very much for the information on the handles. I’ll check with him to see if he has the door pull closers. I am residing in Australia but the car is in New Plymouth, New Zealand - it belongs to my cousin, Kerry. Kerry has just just inherited the 615 from his father Mike, who was in the process of restoring the car before he passed away. As I’m retired I have volunteered assistance to help him find the few parts required to complete it’s resto before he decides wether to keep it or to sell it. I have inserted a photo of Mike with his car a few years ago. Cheers Brett.
  2. Hi guys I’m looking for 4 x 1929 Graham Page window winders if possible cheers Brett
  3. Hi guys I’m wondering if any of you good people would know were I may be be able to find 4 x window winders for a 1929 Graham Page. cheers Brett.