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  1. Hursst, For the needed screws you can try out two places: Scarborough Faire (SF) and Todd Clarke Spares. Both have extensive lists of hardware specific to the MGA. Both recently sent me parts despite the shelter in place predicament. Cecilia at SF lists the screws you need as T93 on page 21 of her recent catalog. Todd shows this screw on page 27 of his latest catalog but I couldn’t find it within the itemized list. -- Mike
  2. hursst, Hope you don't mind but I noticed something that may present an issue with a jittery motor or cause an issue if you attempt to remove the Engine sometime in the future. Or, it could simply be just an optical illusion. Regardless, I noticed a rather long bolt shaft protruding from the Transmission to firewall connection just above the Transmission bell housing. Could a shorter shaft bolt be used here instead of the current one? See the attached photo where I circled the spot. Other than that potential annoyance your work is admirable. Thanks for posting. -- Mike
  3. Hi Chris, I recently found your journal and I’ve been following your progress from start to finish over the last three weeks. It encourages me as I’ve just purchased a 1962 MGA MK II. I’ll be starting work on it soon. My point in commenting is to point you to a fellow in the UK that has some really good YouTube videos on body work, forming, welding and finishing. I thought before you get too far along it might be work a look. Trev’s Blog: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB8HF8Pqug-Pc7DFqX9lf_g If you have the time I’d suggest video #15 “MIG Welding Heat Distortion Control Car Body Work...” He covers a lot of territory from cleaning up surfaces prior to welding, welding tips and sundry other steps along the way to a quality final finish. The man is a veritable master using simple techniques you and others would appreciate. My best to you for speedy but quality progress. Mike