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  1. So there's this abandon car museum in Manitou Springs Colorado located at 135 Manitou Ave and I've been so curious about it ever since I found out about it. I collect postcards and brochures and I have one brochure and a couple of postcards from the place. I got them off eBay by the way and I would like to put the pictures on here and show you but I don't know how to post pictures on this thing so sorry. Anyways all I know about the museum is some of the cars that were in it and the location. By the way if you look this place up it says race car museum on it but I'm not a race car guy but bef
  2. Does anyone know of any junkyards that allow kids under 16 to go into? Especially in Colorado. I'm a 15 year old living in Littleton which is just outside of Denver and I just really want to go barn find hunting like Tom Cotter. (I like his show by the way, check out "Barn Find Hunter" if your interested). The only junkyard that I've gotten to go into was Tom Tom's Volkswagen Museum in Moab, Utah. It's more of a junkyard then a museum so I don't know why they decided to call it that. Also I like Volkswagens so that's probably why they let me in there in the first place. I'm more into pre-war A
  3. That is very nice of you to send pictures I would love that. That would help me a lot because I know some of the cars in the Forney Museum and I could see if any of the cars from this museum ended up in the Forney Museum.
  4. YES! THAT'S IT! THANK YOU! This makes me exited because I live in Colorado myself so I'm always looking for new museums here.
  5. I wad on Amazon once and I saw a book about the A.R. Cheek Display but it wasn't for sale.
  6. Does anyone know anything about the Horseless Carriage Museum that was by Rapid City SD? I know it was somewhere on Hwy 16 but I don't know the exact location. By the way, I'm not talking about the museum in Murdo, this is something different. I have a brochure and postcard that I got off eBay from this museum so that's how I know about it. I mainly wanna know the exact location of the museum, the owner, what year the museum opened and closed, and some of the cars that were in it and what happened to them when this place closed. Feel free to share any information that you know of. By the way I
  7. Here is a timeline of the earliest auto museums that I know of: 1938-Princeton Auto Museum 1943-Crawford Auto Museum 1944-Museum of Transportation in St. Louis 1947-Henry Ford Museum 1948-Melton Museum 1948-Long Island Automotive Museum 1949-Larz Anderson Auto Museum 1953-James Melton's Autorama 1953-Horn's Cars of Yesterday 1953-Carriage Cavalcade 1953-Harold Warp Pioneer Village 1954-Pioneer Auto Museum 1955-Bonanzaville USA 1956-Smoky Mountain Car Museum 1956-Swigart Auto Museum 1958-A.R. Cheek Display
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