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  1. Good points! One thing I know is that this car is new to the local market. That said if he is holding out for an out of this world price we could see it in this parkig lot for years to come! We are so much in the boonies here that there is no local Antique/Classic Buick Club, but there is a quality Antique Car Club that accepts all make and model lovers. I am sure I could get some good advice from them! Really did appreciate your comment..."Oh, you bought that car". Made me laugh...but so true! And thanks for the tip about the brake fluid! I will definitely do this.
  2. I apprecite all the advice! I have all I need now to ensure that I can get it home without doing any damage. Made an offer today and he is thinking about it. The owner is asking way too much based on the condition and I don't know if he will be willing to come down to what it is worth. We'll see, but now I have the BUG so if this one doesn't work out, I suppose the hunt will begin in earnest.
  3. Hello All, Thank you kindly for your previous thoughts about the Dynaflow on the 52 Super I am looking at. I do have one more question to pick your brains about. I am going to make an offer on the car but before I drive it home (about a 20 mile trip) I want to make sure all the important engine fluids are topped off. Do you guys have any recommendations for modern day equivalents for the transmission fluid and brake fluid? I am including a pic of the car with my better half. Thanks again, Judy
  4. Tempting! But whatever happened to "slow and steady wins the race"? Actually I don't mind the sluggishness, just wanted to make sure it wasn't slower than it was supposed to be. You know.. a sign of a bigger problem. Having always heard the Dynaflow called Dynaslow...I thought I knew what to expect when driving one...and yet it was still a bit of a surprise.
  5. Thank you for the quick feedback and suggestions, gentlemen!
  6. Hello All..Newbie here. I am not new to the antique car world as I have had a 1965 Pontiac as well as a 1955 Chevy 210 both of which my husband helped me work on. That said one of my true loves has always been the early 50's Buicks. I have an opportunity to buy a local 1952 Super 2DR Hardtop which on inspection looks to be somewhere between fair and good condition. Let's just say it needs a bit of love but the bones seem to be good. One question I had for you experienced folk is how slow should I expect the Dynaflow transmission to be? It seems it takes this car about 10 seconds (maybe more?) to get up to about 30mph. I just want to make sure that this is within the realm of what you guys experience and that this is not a warning sign for me that there is something amiss with this car. Thanks so much for your advice! Judy