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  1. Just fyi....nothing I have is restoration quality, but you can email me for more info
  2. I have various 39 Buick parts for sale or trade: dash cluster (decent shape, broken glass) a radio (unk condition, inside looks great!) a radiator (looks useable) the special wood wedges for front bench seat "Buick eight" grill letters (rough) UNBROKEN horn ring (fair) Horn button (emblem missing) 20" chrome "iroc" style wheels with ok tires Light bulbs (appear good, 6v) Body & maintenance tags (just neat) Interior hand pulls (fabric shot, but trim good) Cigarette lighter (looks good) --Small engine parts (new cap, good cap with new looking wires, in box new points, pertronix ignition conversion kit complete, various brackets tubes dip stick, etc) ***Accepting trades, I need: trunk hinges and latches 39 Buick model 41 special sedan trunk lid Headlight buckets, rings, and guts front glass and rubber back window rubber Maybe wheels & tires for 5x4.75 bolt pattern (stock steel w/ 235 or 225x 15inchers preferred) Front bumper brackets I was only allowed to upload so many pics, sorry.
  3. Those are nice rims! Wish you were closer! I'd come by and pick up.those wire basket rims! My car came with hideous 20" wheels on it. Not my taste. you've made a nice offer tho! Have a fantastic night!
  4. Lol ok thank you and fair enough. Lets see if I can figure out pics... missing some parts and it has (temporary) hideous rims that It came with... but yea. Its almost "a car" again. Working with what I got!
  5. Hi all! I just joined because I've noticed alot of well intentioned and well informed people discussing things here, unlike some other websites with internet guru's proclaiming to know all. it's been refreshing to see the posts here and enjoy the welcoming attitude! That's what brought me in. I recently moved to NorCal and have a 48 Cadillac ambulance and a 39 Buick sedan. I like to modify cars, but hate to see nice original cars get as such I make it a point to start with cars that are (by most people's standards) beyond any use, or should be scrapped. THOSE are what I like to put BACK on the road. Though my favorite vehicles are restored, I don't have the will power to NOT customize I simply won't own one. It would hurt my soul to lose one more original piece of irreplaceable history. I have taken part in several restorations for others, but am in no way an expert. Instead I'm a well rounded gear head. I look forward to reading many more of your car stories and anecdotes. Thanks all! Happy motoring!