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  1. We have a couple of pictures of family members with this car. Picture was taken in Cleveland probably before 1914 but that’s not certain. Is there enough of a view to come up a theory of what it might be?
  2. I have one more related question. My grandparents were only in San Francisco during 1814-1915 having been promoted from the Cleveland office and then promoted to move to Detroit. Under those circumstances would people take their cars with them or sell and buy a new one in the new city? Were the roads good enough to take a car cross country or was it possible to ship a car? I’m just curious.
  3. Thank you to all. My grandfather was the west coast sales manager for Willard Storage Battery in 1914 so having the latest and greatest electric lights would make sense. This forum is a wonderful resource and I’m so grateful to you all for sharing your knowledge! I have one more mystery car to post.
  4. Good idea. I’ll see if I can do that. And thanks to the two people who provided thoughts earlier today.
  5. My grandparents lived in San Francisco in 1914 and we have this picture of their car. Can anyone help us identify it?
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