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  1. I have been looking for the accumulator ball for my daughter's Reatta and I have only been only able to find the whole master cylinder assembly. Her ABS light stays on sometimes and once the CRT have a ABS lower pressure warning in stop and go traffic. On eBay a Jaguar accumulator says that is compatible but wanted to see if anyone can verify that is the case. I am also looking for the blower motor control module because now her blower motor will not turn off and I read on a Reatta website this is a common problem and this was the part to fix that issue.
  2. Thank you Dave! Was easy to remove old switch. I received the new one today. I installed the switch and had everything back together in like 5 minutes. Good news it has resolved the issue my daughter was having with the parking lights not turning off. Just wondering do I need to clear out the previous error codes or will it recognize the issue is fixed?
  3. Well the relay didn't work for the issue so I am assuming issue must be the switch. I am buying a replacement from Dave hoping to resolve the problem.
  4. Thank you Ronnie. I found the relay exactly where you said it would be. I will see if the auto parts store has one so I can try it tonight. I reached out to Dave for a switch in case that's the issue. I told my daughter she should probably buy one now reguardless in case she ever needs one in the future. I will update if it was the relay or if was the switch. I am adding a picture in case anyone wants to see the exact location of extra relays.
  5. Thank you. I will check this evening to verify is in fact the switch or if it's the relay. I will update what I find.
  6. The codes are E026 And B420 History Also does anyone know where I can buy a replacement headlight switch and new connecter for it? Some one mentioned this may be my issue but having trouble find these parts.
  7. Unfortunately we tried turning fog lights off to see if that would turn the parking light already and it does not work. I forgot to mention when parking park fuse is put in the computer flashes with diagnostic code saying detects electrical problem which only occurs after parking light fuse is put back in. Which is why I think could be a relay issue.
  8. My 16 year old daughter bought a 1989 reatta few days ago and the parking lights usually will not turn off with out pulling the parking light fuse. On rare occasion it will let her turn them off by the button. With out the parking light fuse the fog lights and high beams do not work as well. I am thinking there is a parking break relay causing the issue but haven't had a chance to buy a repair Manual yet to verify this. I do not see a parking break relay in the interior or under the hood fuse boxes. On other forums show the 1990 model location. I am wondering if is the same location for the 1989. Also checking to see if any one has any other ideas on what may cause the issue she's having if does not have a parking break relay.
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