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  1. The Buick is so close to starting! Final few wrinkles being worked out. Every fluid went in, every fluid leaked, every leak was fixed. https://youtu.be/ve6W7VSsoQE
  2. Update with a tour of my shop and the plan for the future! https://youtu.be/uG19Us-46Gw
  3. No progress on the Buick yet but I did have some fun with other projects. I worked with my brother to unload his Essex truck and put it into storage. He was working on it for a while but with a growing family he needed more space. The new project was a 1949 Olds, we cleaned it out, and changed out the rear end. His plans are a SBC, 700R4, and air ride suspension. I also worked on finishing the inside of my shop with insulation and drywall. It is a ton of work to do the 16' walls by yourself off a ladder but I am making some decent progress. Winter is coming before we know it so I want to be prepared with insulated walls and a heater.
  4. Finally moved back into my place. Took quite a few trips with my big heavy 29' trailer but I made it. I am so stoked to be back! I missed the space and all of the tools I had to leave behind. I ended up finding a brand new two post lift a guy was selling because it wouldn't fit into his garage, will make my life alot easier. Will get focused on starting the Buick again soon! I have also concluded that 8 is too many floor jacks for 1 guy to have in his home garage.... All moved back
  5. The new manifold is here! I had a helper to thrash to get it all together and we try to start it! https://youtu.be/sfcfhyDplTc
  6. Now the scary part, trying to manage the ECU and setup the tune correctly! I would appreciate anyone providing advice/feedback on this stuff! https://youtu.be/YjA6K_UHiBc
  7. A long time since the last update but I have made a fair bit of progress. Torque converter installed, Engine/Trans dropped in, and getting ready to start! Here is the video: https://youtu.be/THDH-fI0i68
  8. Somehow in the past 50+ years the fuel filler assembly from the car vanished. I have tried searching for a stock replacement with no luck. I decided to make my own using a generic fuel filler assembly from Amazon, some mandrel bend 2" pipe, and a whole lot of cutting and welding. I am happy with the result other than I need to replace the silicone orange coupler from the tank to the first hard line since silicone isn't fuel rated. I have a rubber piece on the way and will install it before I fill it up for the first time. Here is the video! https://youtu.be/GECzLXq5tN0
  9. I did a few more little jobs while waiting for some parts. Worked on beautifying the parts you will pretty much never see because that seemed like a good use of time! It was a lot of work so I drafted in a helper. Let me know if you liked the paint schemes! https://youtu.be/bATIVeVvgAg https://youtu.be/NUMJf9A3sWo
  10. Here is the build thread for the car I worked on before this Buick, a 1929 Willys I build from ground up! It was alot of fun to make! I also finished the video for the air ride suspension setup. The car has around 7" of air ride travel.
  11. So I have made lots of progress on the car since my last post, but I am trying something different to share it. I started making videos that will walk through the work I am doing and uploading them to YouTube. I have a intro video where I tell you about the history of this car and the changes up to Dec 2020, then I started making individual videos for the little project I do along the way. Here is a link to the playlist for this Buick. I will be uploading a new video every week so subscribe if you find them interesting!
  12. I had the spacers for the back wheels bored out on a lathe to fit on the centering hub on the rear end. Fits great! Took the shop 30 minutes! 100mm diameter by 5mm deep. Had to clean up the hub with a wire wheel to get it to fit on so it is a good tight fit.
  13. Lots of progress since this last post. Air suspension is functional. Wiring of the car is 95% done. New trans tunnel fabricated. Next big step will be finishing the engine hookups for coolant, fuel, etc and doing a test fire! https://youtu.be/EuLSPviB4mAwe
  14. Worked on the transmission change out today. Pulled off the stock 545RFE trans and started installing the adapter I bought to hook up to the 4L80E. It is a nice kit and everything is working pretty well. Should get it buttoned up tomorrow. I also installed the new painless wiring harness and terminated the easy stuff like the rear lights and head light area. I am de sting taking off the dash to make the switch hook up easier but am not sure. I am sure that I wish my shop was heated, it is -15c here now and it is tough on the fingers trying to do wiring.
  15. Started my week off by installing my new throttle body. I needed something cable actuated and with a throttle position sensor and a idle air control motor so I ended up with a LS engine based Edelbrock 90mm one. I picked up a adapter but it didn’t work since the intake had centering pins which the adapter didn’t, and the bottom of the adapter and throttle body both hit the intake and needed to be filed down 1/8” or so. Fits perfect now and plugs into the Holley harness.
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