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  1. Here are the rest of the pictures. Bonus picture of me at work setting our top module in a 300’ tall stack.
  2. A bit of progress, i cleaned the interior floor and primed it to be ready for routing wiring and the air lines. Mounted the compressor and air tank. Got some new steelies and will be mounting the old Buick center caps to them. Scored some freebies from work including some shelves and an old broken drill press. Changed out the motor and cleaned it up and oiled it and it works great.
  3. Had lots of fun today. Pulled the wiring harness off the engine and am sending it and the ECU to Swap Specialties for them to build me a new one and reprogram ECU to run engine/trans and omit the need for all the extra stuff like EVAP, catalytic converter, wheel speed sensors, etc. Also so did something I was worried about which was changing the transmission over from the 4wd housing to the extension housing and shaft for the 2wd. It all came apart and back together great. Just need to clean and paint the rest of engine and trans to match. Also will need to rework the trans mount since it is different than the 4wd mount... grr. Last was some cleanup of the engine bay by taking out the stock engine mounts, the brake and clutch assemblies, part of the battery tray and then finish welding the engine mounts in place. Also finish welded the engine mounts that bolt to the engine.
  4. Glad you are back running. Quite a journey to get it back together.
  5. Christmas (and snow) came early this year. My delivery from speedway made it here. It included the compressor, valves and control system for the air ride system. Also had the panhard bar I needed to finish the rear end. I celebrated by pulling the engine and trans out to pull off the wiring harness and also change out the output housing to the 2wd version for this trans.
  6. Put on the disc brake setup on the front drivers. Also finished the back lower plates. Hardware and fittings were a struggle but all together now.
  7. Drilled a big center hole to bolt to the stock spring mount and then the mount/airline holes for the top of the airbag. Next job is the lower bag mount plate. Looking at the picture I will need to touch up the plasma cut edges a bit more....
  8. Started the rear with some 6” std wall pipe and cut it into a 5” piece. Then I chopped it into six pieces and made the spacer for the airbag that will still give me access into the middle to put fasteners into the bag and to hold it up into the frame. Used some 1/4” plate for the top and bottom plates.
  9. I am shipping stuff that way for work every other month or so and I might be able to get it headed that way for you. Cross border paperwork might be my only issue.
  10. I now have 1 corner on air ride. Just need the compressor plumbed to it. I am happy with how it all fits and works. I will double check for clearance in the spring pocket and trim as needed to ensure it clears easily when fully compressed.
  11. I agree after doing some research. I was worried about having a cast part being loaded like that but they will be fine being forged. Appreciate the feedback.
  12. Home for a few days in a row so got back to work/play. Pulled apart the front drivers side and figured out how I am doing the airbag here. It is a little tricky since the lower control arm is cast and I don’t want to weld to it. I removed the stock spring plate and then thought I could point out the rivets that held it.... not a chance. I ended up drilling them each out. I am relocating the spring plate from 3/8” plate and will remount it back on the top of the control arm with some grade 8 bolts replacing the rivets. For the top I am debating either welding on a plate across the frame and blocking off the stock spring location, or making a spacer from some 6” pipe and plate. See how I feel about it in the morning. I received the Willwood disc brake kit so that will go on too.
  13. Through the magic of the four link it only changes a few degrees. My 2 year old son “helped” me by dropping my digital angle finder in my bucket of water for cooling hot parts so I can’t tell you exactly right now. Amazon tells me the new one should be here Saturday morning so can update then.
  14. Finished welding in the suspension. Two pictures show the normal ride height and the full slammed height, about 9” of difference. The differential came with a Panhard bar mount so I think I will add one just to be sure. Still debating how to do the sway bar setup for it. Fab up a small plate to the upper four link mount I think. Next step is the air bags for it the back and then I get to stack front suspension.
  15. Started the upper mounts and then ran the diff up and down through its paces and it worked great. Next step is to gusset and brace these mounts and weld it all up. I will take the assemblies out so I can weld all sides well then reinstall and weld to the frame. I ran out of MIG gas so my tacks started to suffer.