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  1. Thanks very much for the advise gentlemen. I will inspect the wiring and get a new condenser first thing. I live in Butler, Ohio. (Update) I tried a new condenser and checked the internal parts of the distributor everything looked fine. It has the modern bottom plate and upper plate. Looked for bare wires and found none. The person who owned this car before me changed it to a 12 volt system. Makes me wonder if something is wired wrong. Regards, Gary
  2. I have set the points and located TDC with the timing pin and no luck with timing my Model A engine. I checked to make sure # one cylinder was at TDC with a rod in the spark plug hole and it was as it should be. The rotor was at the proper 5 o'clock position. I doubled checked the points to make sure everything was correct at .020. I used the NU-REX wrench and followed all directions three times to make sure. When the lever is in full retard the car starts fine. If you try to move the lever to advance the car stalls every time. The travel on the distributor plate seems to be correct. It has a new modern upper plate in the distributor and points/condenser are new. I just purchased this car and that is all I know at this time. If anyone has any ideas what the problem may be I would appreciate your input. Thanks, Gary
  3. My 1930 Model A is leaking oil around the horn rod at the base of the steering box. It is not just a small leak it really comes out fast from around the rod when you add oil. Can this be fixed or is it a complete rebuild of the steering box? Thanks for your help.