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  1. Thanks Terry for the tip Might take me a while to get the hang of using forums gerard
  2. I agree on the UK possibility many of the Chrysler side valves sold in Australia were made in Kew in London to benifit from the lower import duty Im hoping some one in the UK can help
  3. I've been racing a 1938 Plymouth 217 side valve in pre war competition for 14 years and can't quite catch all the Ford V8's I wish to build another car Miller style with Plymouth 230 cu 23" block I would like to run triple SU Side drafts . To comply with CAMS regulations in group K ( Pre War) I need to provide evidence of similar carbs fitted to race cars with side valve Chrysler engine in period Evidence needs to be ample to convience regulators
  4. Ive been racing a 38 Plymouth for the past 14 years at historic meetings in Australia and do reasonably well.Just cant get in front of most of the Ford V8's.I have been running a 217 cu in Plymouth with triple Stromberb BXOV1.Not bad .does 14.9 sec 1/4 mile and 200 Kpa at Phillip island (120 MPH) I am building another car using 38 230 cu in Plymouth running gear again.I would like to know if someone has any evidence of triple SU's being used on a Dodge or Plymouth side valve pre war. To log book the new build I have to present CAMS the governing body with hard evidence that it was done in period. Any help greatly appreciated
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