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  1. Yes, of course you're right. Having lived in both the UK and US, I'm really confused! Have to think before I speak. In the case of this car, at least we have "firewall" in common, although possibly that's more appropriate for cars with English electrics (you know who I'm talking about). Cheers Brian
  2. Correct. "Scuttle" is Cowl in the US of A! A close look at the pic reveals a front brake drum. But just to complicate matters, an optional front brake was apparently available for the 501. Nevertheless, it's more than likely a Fiat 509 of 1925 or later. My friend's sporty Fiat in Singapore was actually an early 1930s 508 Balilla.
  3. The wheels definitely look to be Fiat. I would guess the body is locally built, although they were usually a copy of a factory job. There was a factory two-door "Torpedo" tourer - I think both 501 and 509. Can't see the front wheel well enough to spot a brake drum. If it's there, that would make it a 509. Cheers Brian
  4. Thanks Craig. I see you're in Australia! Yes, it could well be 509 Fiat. They were being imported to Australia around that time. I have a friend who had a European one with a much more sporty body. But the wheels are also similar.
  5. This is a picture of my friend's mother in the family car somewhere in Australia - circa 1925. Unfortunately the radiator is obscured and it may have a locally made body on an imported chassis. My friend was told it's a Packard Six, which it's clearly not. Can anybody identify it? Cheers Brian
  6. If you look at the thread on this car in Packard.info you will learn a lot more about it. It was offered for sale (and apparently sold) at the Gosford Classic Car Museum closure auction recently. The car has basically no early history. It was imported to Australia about 25 years ago by a well-known Packard Club member who knows about its condition and subsequent history. It was not restored since arriving in Australia but had some mechanical work done by a subsequent owner, mainly on the engine. The current condition of the engine is unknown. It now is in need of a repaint and perhaps other me
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