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  1. I’m thankful of the post. That car is beautiful! Body Color is right there. Spokes painted to match.
  2. I have four of them I got by mistake on eBay. PM. Me if interested. They are in perfect condition.
  3. Hello all, My good friend is a machinist and made these parts for my ‘21 Roadster. Attention to detail is amazing. I can’t wait to see them installed the in the car! Happy Buicking!
  4. Nice job on this post Mark! How lucky that none of your spares have that all to common hole drilled in the top of the bezel.
  5. I got a kit from the Carb Shop as well. Very complete. I was really impressed.
  6. I used sticky red grease on my fan hub. Very little splatter with that stuff. My leather fan belt works perfect with no issues. I did have a simple line of stitching sewn at the seam.
  7. Part two. I popped out the binder spring, then disassembled, cleaned and greased the clutch. This silver dot in photo marks a notch that allowed me to easily get a pointed tool in to pry the spring out. (I’m showing the shells disassembled here so that the spring is visible.) Reasembled unit moves smoothly and freely. I was was fortunate enough to have an extra distributor gear in near perfect shape! Happy Buicking! J
  8. Hello All, Generally, this is not how I go about fixing mechanical parts on my ‘21s. However, I felt this was a good solution, utilizing an important part though it needed some repair. I hope it will last a long time. My car was having trouble motoring before the engine cranked. So I removed the distributor housing and watched the S/G motor. It was painfully obvious that the S/G clutch had a noticeable wobble to it. That would explain why it would stop motoring when I moved the spark lever. The clutch and distributor gear would bind when I moved the spark lever on the steering column. I removed the clutch and watched the shaft spin alone. Not sure if the unit was dropped at some point or hammered on too hard, but it was all over the place. So I removed the S/G and replaced the armature. Sadly, the distributor gear and S/G clutch were ruined — the clutch had far too much slop to reuse. My spare S/G clutch had worn front grabbers for the Oldham coupling. So I mig welded new material to it. Then, I used a Dremel Tool to cut and shape it, making sure that it would grab the coupling as it should. See continuation of this topic.
  9. I have one that’s rusty but good enough for a pattern for sure! Private message me if interested. Best, J
  10. Hello All, Just completed my first brake relining on my ‘21 Roadster. So far, it went very smooth. Made sure brake geometry was correct first. Then on to the road test. After the first test pass, the usual routine — I felt the brake bands to see which of the two was hotter. Once I made it to the fine adjustment phase, I was surprised by how significant minimal band adjustments could be felt — the steering wheel would pull, etc. With a few pull over to the side of the road adjustments the correct pedal travel and left/right brake balance where achieved. Here is a pic of two different friction linings. Dark grey was what was on there before. Lighter color I’m trying. Just for kicks, I tried half and half on each side. We will see how it goes!
  11. Hi Brian, I have read lots of your posts on this site. Very informative. You have a good sense of humor. I have had good luck with silver paint for similar applications as well. I do like the nickel plating idea as my 21 roadster will be a daily driver. Car will spend a decent amount of time by the ocean as well. At the moment the roadster probably needs to have the engine rebuilt. Loud knock on cold start up. I’ve owned it for about 4 months. I got away with some instant enjoyment. Now time to be realistic. Thanks for all the advice!!! Best, Happy Buicking! J
  12. Hugh, What an impressive restoration. I would love to see that car in person some day! Before and after pics are great! I’m jealous of your front brakes! All the best!
  13. Please don’t hate me because I’m Buickful, but here’s my other 21. It was too sweet to pass up. Had a great time driving through upstate New York to close the deal. 1980’s restoration in great condition. Giddily awaiting its arrival!
  14. Hi Terry, Sorry, I should have reposted the pic of the car from my first post on the site. All good info! I have only had it for about 4 months. I am located in Carmel CA. I also just got some new 10ply tires for trailer and I’m not afraid to use it! Car has been a blast! Just got trans and clutch all tuned up. If you look closely, you can see the rear trans bearing was cracked. Next are the brakes. Thanks again. Meanwhile...(please see my next post.)
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