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  1. Thank you all for your prompt replies. I am looking at possibly buying this car; it looks stunning, and has been well looked after, and almost fully restored. I thought being from Chicago in 1939, it might have a colourful history …….. either with good guys or the bad guys. Yes, it is a 1939 model. I have attached photographs below. If I am lucky enough to get it, I will post details. Thanks again. Regards, Salvo
  2. Does anyone know if there is any history on a Packard 12 limo, with engine number 1235-2107, delivered from Packard Chicago,.....(Chicago 8439 stamped on the ID plate)? Further, where is the best site to find info on the Packard 12 limo? Salvo
  3. Is there any history on the Packard 12 with engine number 1235-2107 delivered from Packard Chicago,.....(Chicago 8439)?