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  1. I came across this transmission in a lot of Chevy transmissions I picked up to have spares for my truck (A pile of Saginaw 3 Speeds!), and I had no clue what it was but had to take it home with me. Far as I could tell, it's a 3 speed manual transmission out of a 1936 Dodge Pickup truck. Case numbers are "651358", and either 8-16, or 8-18, it's kind of hard to tell. I sprayed it down with some Gunk, and took it to the self service car wash to give it a good cleaning, so tomorrow I'll scrape the rest of the crud off and see if there's any other markings. I'm pretty sure it's a Dodge gearbox, but I don't own anything this would go on. So would anyone have an approximate value for it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Good evening folks, I'm new around here, and relatively new to the "antique" car scene, but I've been born and raised around classic cars for the past 23 years of my existence, and they've become something of a passion of mine these past few years as I've been getting more involved in automotive technology and auto body classes at my local trade school, where I've been completely restoring both my daily driver 1973 VW Super Beetle, and my most recent acquisition, my 1966 C10 Long Bed pickup. I've already rebuilt both cars' engines (1600 for the beetle, 350 for the C10), and have done almost complete body restorations on both vehicles as well. Both of these vehicles were childhood dreams of mine growing up, and when I finally acquire a '68 or '69 Nova, I can finally call my "dream trio" complete! My '66 C10 was acquired from a guy across down from me, after having no luck searching every swap meet, junkyard, and local classifieds for a C10 within my budget. At the time, I owned a '69 Mercury Cougar I was in the middle of restoring, but progress stalled when I started discovering more and more things the previous owner had lied to me about, generally in terms of the structural integrity of the car (at the time, I knew very little about shopping for the "right" car). So when I sold it, all bets were off when I happened across this C10 for $2,000 on the other side of town, complete with an engine and two different transmissions, as well as tons of extras. I carted the truck over to the school where I started sanding down the paint, noting several locations where body filler was beginning to crack, as well as spots of rust that needed to be repaired. After several months of hard work, I finally have the body intact, and very straight. For those interested in seeing the progress photos, let me know via PM and I'll send you the link to my Facebook profile which has the complete photo album from start to finish (so far!). A few weeks ago, I tore the 350 apart, and added some personal performance touches like a cam, and a set of aluminum heads and an aluminum intake. I'm hoping to have that engine installed and running by the end of this week, which is also around the same time I'll be applying the paint. Attached is a photo of the truck in its beginning stage. I don't currently have a recent photo showing all of the progress so far except for bits and pieces of it in primer. I'll grab a good overall photo of it this week!