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  1. Hi Terry. I recall my grandfather telling me about a fellow in KS who owned the exact same year and model car. I am glad to connect with you. I would love to talk in more detail about the car. Could I give you a call? When is a good time? Thanks, Jeremy
  2. Hello everyone. Back in the late '90s my grandfather, Allan Godwin, restored his 1920 K46 that belonged to his grandfather. His grandfather bought it in 1921 and its been in the family ever since. My grandparents went on their first date in it in 1942. When my grandfather's eyesight failed him I began driving the Buick and chauffeuring him around, even taking it on some regional antique car tours. Needless to say it is a family treasure. Earlier this year my grandparents passed away at the age of 94 within a month of each other. I inherited the car and gladly brought it home. Over the
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