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  1. I would like to move this speedometer out of the basement, and prefer dealing with an AACA member. Jeff
  2. That would be: in Bellbrook, OH.
  3. I agree with you Jake, this one is specifically for a '51. I would recommend Bill's Speedometer for your calibration needs. Jeff
  4. Not sure, but I will try to find out. Best to get a picture of yours to be sure.
  5. I have a nice '51 Ford Speedometer for sale. This came to me used, from a garage clean-out of a former Ford dealer. I did the following: cleaned correctly lubed new green and red mylar for the turn signal and bright indicators calibrated reset odometer See pictures for calibration compromise (about 62 mph indicated, vs. 60 actual, and 28 indicated vs. 30 actual - typical compromise!) $120 plus shipping Jeff
  6. Great feedback... maybe the production number will clear this up. Certainly possible that there was a mid-year change. Jeff
  7. Could this be for a '38? The reason I ask is that I have had both a '37 and '38 gearbox on my '38 Special. The '37 was on it originally, for reasons unknown. When I got a '38 gearbox, and had both of them apart to make up the best from the two, I learned that the '37 and '38 have a different sized clutch spline, and the '37 used a bolt-on retainer that held the clutch gear bearing in place. This was eliminated on the '38 models (as your third picture seems to show). The only reason the '37 fit my '38 clutch housing was because someone had modified the '37 gearbox to eliminate this feature. Cut-off bolts were still threaded into the case where the retainer used to be. Also, my clutch disc was purchased to fit a '37 (spline issue). Jeff
  8. If you are not a complete stickler for authenticity, think about this... I bent my hose clamp to allow it to be secured to the battery's front hold-down bolt (the long bolt that passes through the battery clamp and secures the battery). This pulls the hoses away from the engine a bit, and allows them to run more along the side panel. Works great, and I think the engine appearance is improved - as well as spark plug access or access to my later model (1950) oil filter. Just a suggestion. Jeff
  9. You may want to road test it. Adding some rpm to the pump may make the difference. I cannot say whether or not this is true on my '38, but I distinctly remember my 1970 AMC Hornet - perfectly good heater output, unless you were idling on a very cold day... heater temperature dropped off to nothing, warming up again as I drove off. Jeff
  10. I guess I probably chose the inlet, but it really doesn't make much difference. Jeff
  11. I agree, that is a great solution!
  12. Here is a picture of my generator. It was on my '38 Special from the time I bought the car (getting close to 30 years now!) until about 4 or 5 years ago when I found one that had a nicer case, and also still had the Delco Remy tag. Other than these appearance issues, it is perfectly functional. The scale next to the generator shows the overall length, since I tried to align the beginning of the scale with the very end of the generator (rear bearing housing). You can see the width of the pulley as well. $40 + shipping, from Dayton OH. You can send me a PM to make arrangements or ask any other questions. These generators are fairly heavy, so if there is any way to pick it up... not sure where you are located. Let me know, Jeff
  13. How nice is driver condition? Over the years I bought nicer ones when I found them, as a result I have 6 or 8 you might want to consider. They will have scuffs / scratches, but still have some shine to them. Let me know if you have any interest. Jeff
  14. Bloo, Were you still interested? Let me know before I try to dig it out. Jeff