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  1. Such a beautiful subject makes the photographer's life so much easier !
  2. My pleasure, really. Thank you all for the warm reception.
  3. As I head back to Philadelphia to catch a plane, I would like to say thanks to everyone who took the time to chat with me. It was a great day. Your cars are truly wonderful. I've prepared a Google Photo album with several pictures. https://photos.app.goo.gl/MHQFbF1WrGr62QrY8 If you have issues seeing the pictures let me know and I will post them here. They are rather big.
  4. After a dreadful trip in the most horrid traffic queue, I've checked out the car, and it is indeed quite nice. I have a few questions that I need to ask to ROA experts in Gettysburg...
  5. Lucky that it doesn't have a Wankel engine
  6. The car is green (JJ code). Thanks for the information regarding the screw top on the air cleaner. About the differential and transmission, according to the owner the car has the proper rear diff and transmission. I also understand from another post on this forum that all 67-70 Rivieras had the same transmission regardless of GS code. This link and some hours now spent reading this forum makes me think the rear ratio should be 3.42 and transmission an ST400. So, the rear diff - if any markings are present and I can sneak under the car - should show it. Or not?
  7. Thanks for the explanation. It's the word 'rotor' that I didn't understand. Modern racing discs are sometimes made in two parts (the 'disc' itself and what I called the center hub in my post, such as this from Brembo) - as I didn't understand the word 'rotor' I was trying to understand the meaning in English. I did not know that what in Italian is 'disco' would be translated in 'rotor'. Sorry for the confusion. I will check the reservoirs. If I'm not wrong though, the pressure should rather be a function of the diameter of the brake pump cylinder: the smaller the diameter of the main cylinder, the higher the pressure exerted (normal component of force divided by surface - if force remains the same and you reduce the surface using a smaller cyclinder, pressure increases). I wonder if the brake pump is the same across the two setups (drums vs discs) , but this is only my own technical curiosity...
  8. Rotors --> discs? Discs + center hub? Lost in translation here. Sorry. What are the rotors exactly in English? From what I was told, the owner had to rebuild the front disc brakes, and as no spare parts were found, he had to resort to specialized shop in Germany. I understand it was quite difficult.
  9. It does. No A/C, but factory disc brakes.
  10. I am going to check out a 1967 Riviera GS this coming weekend. Long drive with my wife, The seller is a collector thinning out his stable. Besides, over the phone I have the impression that he's a straight person.
  11. Norway is also in a very lucky situation: huge budget surplus (about 4.5% of their GDP) thus they can afford to direct tax cuts towards whatever objective they have. In their case, their electricity coming over 99% from hydropower, the switch to electric powered cars makes a lot of sense. In fact the Nissan Leaf is a best seller. If electricity is made burning fossil fuels, the balance is not so clear, to the point that according to some research that I've seen, made at the KTH University in Stockholm, considering all the energy involved in building a car, and given an average life of 150.000 km, if ALL cars in the world switched to electrical power, the CO2 global output would be reduced by a meager 2%. In Italy only about 40% comes fron renewables. As far as pollution goes instead, this would be a very different story. In Italy we have a preponderance of diesel cars (about 55%) that have proved time and again to be a major source of toxic pollutants (in particular, the nanoparticles). I live in a highly polluted area (northern Italian flatland, graph here), and the switch to less polluting means of transportation would impact our lives significantly. I think that the ICE still has decades of life ahead in conjunction with electric motors in hybrid cars. I drive daily a 2004 Prius (I was an early adopter) and a diesel Subaru Legacy. I'd buy an hybrid over and over again whereas I would never buy a diesel again.
  12. Hotel booked, flight arriving in Philadelphia Wednesday. So far, a nice alignment of stars. Oh well, I had to steer them a bit to make them align properly. Thank you for the information. Total newbie, and only coming to the USA every now and then. @RivNut I will look for Herr Klaus and introduce myself to Herr Klaus, auf Deutsch, selbverstaendlich! It will be good to have some EU contacts. How do I tell he's Herr Klaus?
  13. I looked at the ROA meeting venue, a direct flight into Philadelfia from my nearby airport (Bologna) has just started operations, and at the same time I was scheduling a business trip to the USA: bingo, I may be able to attend. It surely will be a learning experience. My plan is being in Gettysburg on Wednesday night, visit the city on Thursday and the show on Friday. I don't understand exactly the hospitality room thing: is this for ROA members only? Do you suggest to pre-register and buy a weekly pass? Newbie's questions I guess, but I don't come often to the USA and I would like to make good use of my time at the meeting, so any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. one and two https://usclassifieds4all.com/details.php?id=515 https://usclassifieds4all.com/details.php?id=830 Same car. At the same time in California and New York. Ubiquitous miss
  15. I've been looking online and came across a couple of cars that definitely look too good, i.e. very suspicious. The price is incorrect - and, as I was advised by a member via PM, the details are too scant to be credible. One is this https://usclassifieds4all.com/details.php?id=2307 No, I'm not going to send money via Western Union (I almost fell for that trick once, lesson learned) or otherwise
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