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  1. i made sure that all the wires were connected in the correct spots using pictures taken before removing anything, i also cross referenced with a manual to make sure everything was correct. Whenever they tried to pull codes for the CEL there was nothing pulled at the GM dealer i believe that could just be electrical charging issues causing it to act up. All the batteries that were put on the car were fully charged before put in i made sure of that as i thought that could have been causing it.As far as testing the charging system the alternator was tested on the table and put out around 13.7 and 13.9 so th alternator was good, Then once you applied the alternator to the car and tested the charging system it would say bad voltage regulator. i changed the alternator when i got it and the guy said that the positive wire on the alternator came off and shorted out on the engine block several times. Could this have fried the ECU? But the problem never showed up before never had any charging issues at all. and the supercharger gasket was changed because i had to change the coupler in the nose.
  2. The light works and it doesn't come on while driving, I tied to drive it often but i am unable to due to it not charging the battery.
  3. So my 95 buick riviera supercharged had the supercharger taken off for a new gasket but now the alternator doesn't charge the system, so I replaced the alternator and it didn't fix the problem, but before I changed the sc gasket it would kill/break batteries I went through 3 batteries on my warranty that had broken connections inside the battery. I have showered the internet for a while but haven't been able to find any information theres no codes stored, when i drive it which is rare now it can drive for about 4 miles then the CEL light traction off light and abs light come on but turn off every time the car is shut off but no battery light, could it be the pcm or a voltage regulator?