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  1. Listing for single wheel 15x6 GM rally wheel, DC code dated 1968. Fresh media blasting, nice wheel. 115.00 plus actual Fedex cost.
  2. Mercury and or Lincoln had clips for hubcaps... that looks like a Ford wheel to me.
  3. I would like to see pics of the backsides, and is there safety beads? What is the ID of the wheel shell?
  4. Placed a want ad for some wheels, this guy claims he has a friend that has items... just joined BS email... registered as "Greatman" with no postings. Watch out guys... same sh-t going on on the Hamb, and Fordbarn.
  5. PM sent about the wheel, I will buy if its correct width I need...
  6. Looking for a match to my 16x5 Pontiac/Olds wheel. Three clips that hold center hubcap on, not five. Wheel shell made by Motor Wheel.
  7. Old vintage glass lens, not sure of application but in good condition. $50 plus med flat rate.
  8. I have some stands for the '37 Chrysler tail lights, but needing a glass lens.
  9. New to this site, like to chime in on this thread. I am also in the need of a '37 Chrysler Rilite glass lens like mentioned above.
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