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  1. BARN FRESH, gentleman's roadster for sale. It spent nearly 50 years in a car museum. This Reo was found in Wisconsin having been put in storage in 1917. I purchased it from a collector in Nebraska 15 years ago who had purchased it from the museum. It had not been run or driven since its original storage in 1917, and that reason was the motor had a broken crankshaft and broken crankcase. I worked with the group that patterned and cast up 25 plus new improved crankcases. That was the beginning of getting this car back on the road. Starting with the new crankcase I ordered a new counterbalanced crankshaft from Mouldex. Then new aluminum pistons from the late Harold Sharon. This pistons are hi compression and balanced. Then the cylinders were magnafluxed bored and valve seats ground. New valves were procured and installed. I then manufactured new roller push rods and bronze bushings for the pushrods. I also machined a new camshaft at that time. Then I poured new main bearings and rod bearings. The rods were aligned and new hardened hinge pins were installed along with grade 8 rod bolts and nuts. Next was the original oiler, the base was cracked and unable to be welded so new oiler cases were cast out of modern aluminum and all machine work completed to install the oiler internals. The flywheel was machined to accept a starter ring gear.Now that the engine was assembled and finished I started on the transmission. All new gears were made and fit, these included the bronze planetary gears and the new drums and sun gear. A new brake drum was cast with a 2nd lip of the outer edge of the drum to eliminate the slipping of the brake band, this in it self was a huge improvement for braking. Special band lining was installed, this lining is engineered to run in a oily/greasy environment and it is incredible for low/reverse and brake gripping. The copper clutch discs were replaced at this time. Next, the rear axle was addressed, machine work commenced to allow the use of double sealed heavy duty ball bearings at the outer axle tubes as well as the inner carrier bearings. We totally eliminated the Hyatt bearings. We manufactured and installed both new axle shafts out of 4130. New chain was procured and installed. When installing the engine and transmission we machined and replaced the outer carrier bearing for the transmission shaft. At that time we replaced the 2 rollers used to drive the transmission from the flywheel. Installing the engine and transmission required much aligning and adjusting to get everything just right. The water pump was rebuilt and installed along with all new copper water lines. All of this work was all accomplished without disturbing the original patina. After a few years of touring the engine and transmission has obtained a matching patina. We added an electric gear reduction starter for ease of touring. This car starts easily and quickly offers lots of acceleration and cruising speed. It easily keeps up with model t's and other 4 cylinder cars of that size. New gray ribbed tires, tubes and flaps installed at that time, I'm guessing we have put some 1500 miles on this car with nary 1 dnf. It always drove up to the motel door at the end of the day. Not once has it ever come back on the trouble truck. This is a tour proven car that has many more miles to go. I am selling this car because age has caught up and I am no longer able to tour like we used to. Its damn tough to admit it but age is against me. So if you are looking for a "real" barn fresh but mechanicaly ready tour car, this is one you should consider. I can provide lots of photos at your request. I will provide a video of the motor running as well as the car driving down the road, for some reason I just could not get them to load here. It seems there were some weird photos attached so I tried to delete them, if they appear here they ain't mine and I apologize if they show up.. Any questions will be quickly and honestly answered. This Reo is located in the Seattle area and is available for your inspection and test drive. The price is $37,500 sorry no trades, and I don't need any help selling this car. thnx brasscarguy@comcast.net 2h069191949(seattle)
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