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  1. My 14 year old daughter likes it...so there's that going for it. 😁
  2. I'm not sure about current availability but the one I use was made for a LeBaron. It fits the front and back contours of the car but it's a little too long in the middle so I have to fold it over a little bit to keep it from dragging the floor at the back of the car.
  3. I know this is an old thread but I'm having the same problem with my speedometer. Odometer works. Speedometer acted funky (intermittent and jumping around) for a while then quit altogether. Mad didn't indicate exactly what his problem was. Says he got a "replacement dash"?? Apparently replace the whole cluster with the Daytona one? Or???? Anyone else with the dead Speedometer care to chime in? Thanks!
  4. Thanks mensaguy for trying anyway. Let's hope they ended up on the cars of owners rather than in a closet somewhere. I'll keep my hard top on for now. We're having great convertible weather except too many pop up storms to go topless without a good soft top.
  5. I sent you a pm if I did it right. Thanks for sharing this with the group!
  6. Hi Frank, I'm about 3 hours away from you and I'm interested but you're description is pretty nebulous. Listing a price will cut through a lot of tire kickers. If you've got a price in mind send me a personal message. Thanks, Kevin
  7. Small world. Yes I left the Reatta off my list. I had a black hardtop with red interior. Sold it because I wanted a ragtop but never got one. They are great fun and their 3.8 engine is nearly indestructible
  8. Thanks Hemi, Sorry for all the typos in that. I dictated it while I was driving and voice recognition doesn't speak southern so well. I think unusual cars are wonderful. I've owned my share of painful British knuckle busting cars, Italian maintenance hogs, German cars where even the cheapest part is $1,200 and even one from Poland. The TC gives us all a chance to stand out from the crowd and it really is a great driving car. I'm glad I discovered it for myself. Not fair for you guys to have all the fun. Oh, and my daughter has it at college with her right now while her Lexus RX crossov
  9. I saw this article and this was my reply that I posted it in the comments section: I think this is an unfortunate and unnecessary hit piece on what I know to be a decent car. I bought one of these cars "by accident". I got it in trade with a larger deal. So I thought why not drive it. Frankly it drives very well. It's a very comfortable highway car, with the plush European leather interior. While it also gets great fuel mileage. And because it uses many domestic Chrysler parts and the drivetrain it's ridiculously inexpensive to repair. I would bet dollars to donuts this author has
  10. Looks like these guys will have them https://www.helwigcarbon.com/product-category/carbon-brush/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8u-A56Wg7AIVhYnICh3M3QBCEAAYAiAAEgJlYvD_BwE
  11. An electric motor repair shop should be able to get those for you. Look up armature repair or electric motor repair.
  12. I'm seriously interested but is this one of those if you have to ask you can't afford kind of things? Serious inquiries only....???? Without a price how does one know?
  13. Bravo - I bought one like that too!
  14. Why not explain? You may indeed have a great car...I was interested but lost interest because I can't understand why you would advertise that a car is dirty from the cover blowing off rather than washing it. I only live 2 hours away but I'm not going to drive two hours to look at a car that's supposedly in great shape but the owner isn't willing to wash. Again...that doesn't make sense. Why? Why? Why?
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