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  1. Great explanations guys. As far as being designed for the window pulling out, the clip and only clip is on the inside so it has no affect there. Rolling the window up and the clip being a guide is the key. Even then, it would only apply when the rear window is down, and the front being rolled up... I see that being an issue. The vertical rear quarter window molding (which is new), when the rear window is up, serves to guide the window up. Trust me, I did not want to remove it, it belongs there, but there was no way to put on a roof seal with it in. And, with no manufacturers suggestion as to how to incorporate the seal with that clip in place. I took the car on the interstate and 75mph and noticed nothing unusual in rolling the window up. Great explanations of your parts!
  2. Great comment NTX and ya'all too, I opened up a can of clip b gone....success! The fit is great all around, seals properly. I will find Wildcats out there at some point and will get the rest of the story told in 68. As for Mr. Clip.... not to worry, I have a T.I.G. welder to spot weld it in if necessary. Hope I can help others along the way.
  3. Thanks for your time and thoughts! Attached and on the left is the first seal I bought.... no way this one will work, sent back. Current one is from CARS (Old Buick Parts), and these guys are top notch and the way it fits, this one seems 100% correct, except for the inboard blowout clip issue. There is no outboard clip, never was there, just this one. This one hugs the interior trim, fits into the channel, window tucks up into, everything! This molding can not tuck up against the clip, I know in some case it does, but not this one. Would be way too thick of a bulge. This car is 99.999% there, 1 family for 51 years, unmolested. So.... I am also on Facebook pages specific for Wildcat owners and have been pleading with someone to snap a photo of their 67 or 68 to no avail. Different manufacturers are totally reluctant to show me a profile of their claimed fit for this Buick, just wanting to sell me the weatherstripping....that's been very frustrating. And, everyone I have reached out to are very reputable. Me and this clip just may get separated today....I really really don't see the need for it. On the other is there for a reason. Thanks again you kind folks! I'm still listening if you are there
  4. Maybe someone has dealt with this? My 68 2 door Wildcat is getting new weatherstripping. Old one was missing when I bought the car. I am confused as to how I put the new seal around the so called blow out clip. I know this this serves a purpose: To guide the window when going up. Why does it need to be there? The front window is being guided up buy the rear quarter window vertical seal. The last thing I want to do is start hacking on this seal in dealing with this clip. Any advice....please!