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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. That is one reason I enjoy this site, I learn something all the time.
  2. My daughter help me learn to post a picture.
  3. It would be nice to see the values raise in the future.
  4. I have never had a head problem with a chopped top. Although I don't ware a cowboy hat.
  5. You might think about taking it to someone or doing it yourself but the bumper needs to be fitted to the fender.
  6. Mine his been chopped. At car shows people do know it because it looks just right. Unless it is parked next to a stock Riviera which makes the stock one look like a pickup truck.
  7. Last night I saw another car show building a custom Riviera. This is the second different show I have seen building one lately. TV shows are all scripted and written to get the most attention in order to sell advertising. Rivieras must becoming an even more attractive and popular car. I understand most forum members are mostly purest car collectors which is great but there still many custom Rivieras that are gorgeous. With the popularity apparently increasing I am wonder if the selling prices are also increasing? I am not interested in selling mine today but with all the attention it gets at car events and shows people ask if it is all the time. The truth is everything is For Sale. (I will send pictures some time when my daughter helps me learn to do it correctly.)
  8. I have always said nothing is for sale without a price.
  9. Well get ready. You will only be seeing reruns. They will not be making any new productions.
  10. I would love to purchase a wheel like that if anyone knows where or who has one.
  11. Correct. Do not use it.
  12. I enjoy some of there shows and have been told many stories of those who have had experiences with them. My question to you is, did they PAY you what you wanted or told you what to say and how to act?
  13. It could be the cruse control which you do not have.
  14. RivCat - I'll bet you were quite surprised as I was when you saw your Riviera had 5 u-joints. I have ask many car guys the question of how many a Riviera has and not one has yet been able to guess it correctly. Goes to show how lucky we are to learn something every day.
  15. I have never lost and I am not the house.
  16. Everyone can have an opinion. I have been to every Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction since the second one. I have sold cars there and have never had a bad experience. I look forward to selling more. Remember if you want to be successful the car you consign must be in perfect condition. The buyers are not people getting cars to repair something or fix up. Yes your first day auction cars can leave a lot to be desired but some of these can be great deals for small fixer uppers. Some people will not consign because of "No Reserve". That problem comes from the fact that many people thing there vehicle is worth twice of what it really is because of the money they spent or spend too much time on Google.
  17. I always learn from this forum and a question comes up from one of your pictures. What is the fan under the drivers seat?
  18. Larry, Very nice. Thank you your help. (That is the first picture I have had on this site. I am learning each but my kids are out of town this weekend.) Quality will improve.
  19. I don't know how and my kids are out of town.
  20. I have had no personal experience on 63 - 65 Riviera A/C but have been told by someone that has great experience on older cars that the riviera system is very poor and worst he has seen. Thats why I am updating mine to a new Vintage Air system that uses new technology and looks so much nicer under the hood. I am a user not a purest. If you want any under hood A/C parts I will contribute them for free.
  21. Before I put it in the garbage can would anyone to have all the original A/C parts. There are to heavy to package up so if you want them and will pick them up there are yours for Free. I am in Phoenix.
  22. If you are in Phoenix or will bring it to Phoenix I can give you the name of a guy that has done many, many dynaflows. He will no longer due R and R.
  23. I have a 64 kick down switch if you still need one. No not at an Ebay price, at a Riviera lovers price. Packaging and shipping only.