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  1. Thank you Turbinator. I did have a very good impression of them personally when I spoke with a gentleman named Clint at SEMA. I will be contacting them.
  2. I have procrastinated putting a new refrigeration unit into my car long enough. Does anyone have any recommendations and suggestions on makes and models that you have experienced? I know Vintage Air always comes up but from my personal experience I have talked directly with them at SEMA and on the phone 4 or 5 times and I have yet found anyone there that really knew about directly about the units. They are glued together and you cannot get inside or see anything. All I am ever told is look then on the web site which I find useless and not completely helpful. Any input and experience at you may of had would certainly be helpful with other suppliers. Also with controls and duck ideas.
  3. BulldogDriver - Good opinion, but I like your Bulldog better. I have had them for over 60 years and the only reason I like them is because it is the only dog that I am smarter than.
  4. Watch the way they tighten lug nuts on a NASA car car pit stop. That is not the way I was tough. I have always been told to cross tighten. (This is off subject but I can not get an expiation. How do I get the thumbs up to come back on the lower right corner of my postings?)
  5. The thumb up no longer comes up when I post something . It used to be in the lower right hand corner of the post. I must have done something wrong . How do I correct it?
  6. I called superbright today to order and have never spoken to a ruder or smarter acting person. So I am still looking for another source.
  7. Wow - your pictures answered my question about u-joints. A 65 has 5.
  8. I have a question about Riviera u-joints. I have a 64 Riviera and was absolutely shocked when I pulled the engine and transmission out. The drive shaft had 5 u-joints which I had never herd of' before. I just saw 63 Riviera for sale on Bring a Trailer that showed a picture of the rear of the drive shaft where it connected to the differential and there was only one u-joint. Not two as my 64 has. It seams strange that 63 and 64 would be different since only the transmission was different. What did GM do on the 65 Riviera?
  9. Lucas break in oil is about 3500 and there hot rod oil is 2100 . Far more than you will find in other oils.
  10. I have had 3 or 4 Comp Cams go flat during break in. With other brands I have had no problem. I also use Lucas break in oil and never had a problem.
  11. I would like to purchase a LED rear tail kit and the mustang site that is suggested cost about $250 for 4 bulbs and a flasher. Is this about the same cost from other suppliers? Or is there another way to do it with a different flasher? I appreciate any suggestions.
  12. I am just trying to gain some more Riviera knowledge. From what I am seeing the differential is to large to ever ware out. That is why no parts are not available, they are not needed.
  13. I learn a deal from this site with all the knowledge people have and am surprised no one knows about the Riviera differentials. Where should I ask the question?
  14. I know the differential in a 63-65 Riviera is very very large. Did any other GM car or truck use this differential or something similar?
  15. As the topic title says - You may not like this photo.