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  1. All, On the same topic, I need some help with just exactly how the assembly goes back together on my 55 Special. The PO had it apart, fell on hard times physically and had to let the car go and I rescued it. Regardless, I got a box of parts and the shop manual which "to me"is not very clear. Can somebody please explain where the triangular spacers/sleeves fit exactly in the intermediate tube? Think I need it broke down Barney stupid (like drawn in a picture)because how can the unfinished open triangular post/tube possibly capture the tie rod ball on either end? I thought the cup bearings
  2. It's considered crypto currency.......https://www.lifewire.com/what-are-bitcoins-2483146 Same here, I've had thousands of paypal transactions dating back 15 years and never had any issues. He tried to convince me to drive to an ATM 40 miles away that's processes the Bitcoins transactions. Just an FYI Gents if someone else should come across this kind of thing.
  3. All, Had someone reply to a post I made looking for a Carter WCFB carburetor. After numerous exchanges the guy "seemed" legit and when we agreed on a price he told me he would only accept Bitcoins. He even went as far as to tell me based on my zip code where these Bitcoins Kiosk type ATM machines were located? Just seems really odd to me and he got pushy when I told him I was unsure about the whole thing. He refused to take paypal and said he got hacked and no longer used it. Anyway, I told him no sale.
  4. Looking to purchase a re buildable 4 barrel Carter WCFB 2197S carb. Appreciate any help and or insight finding one.
  5. The 55 Special I just purchased had a previous repair and seal job done years ago. After finding out the car sat for 7 years I thought it best to pull the tank and investigate further. The sealer/lining was actually coming up in sheet's like old latex paint. A local shop quoted me 500$ to fix the tank. He told me proper prep is the key and if not done properly expect problems down the road. The product/sealer he uses and or swears by is call Red Kote made by Damon Industries. Long story short I ended up purchasing a new tank from TANKS. http://www.damonq.com/Red-Kote.html
  6. Looking for a respectable pair of 1955 Buick Special front parking/running light assemblies. The pot metal housings are completely shot on mine.
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