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  1. Thanks for all the input guys. Really helps.
  2. It is a straight 6. So maybe I'm remembering wrong on being told 302... hmmm. I need to find that paperwork.
  3. Thanks! Headlights, horn, grill, radiator, cowlings, etc. are all inside the car. It's probably close to 90% complete.
  4. I'd been told it was a 302 and somewhere my dad had documents indicating that, too. Is it really a Pontiac 6?
  5. You're talking that plastic pallet wrap stuff? Great idea, thanks!
  6. Hello, Brand new to group and just a quick "Hello" before I ask my question. My dad passed on a few years back and I was given his '32 Pontiac 302. It's been sitting in a garage or in storage for the better part of 50 years. The engine was rebuilt at one point but it's been probably 20+ years since I've had it running. I'm working out details to haul it 950 miles from where it is now to my house on an open trailer. My only real concern is the cloth insert on the roof. It's currently in one piece... or was the last time I saw it and has had a piece of plywood covering it for as long as I can remember to keep dust and birds and animals and whatever else from truly destroying it. Any recommendations on how to cover that so it doesn't get destroyed en route? Thanks in advance for any input. Michael
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