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  1. Hmm No core charge on mine. Doesn't sound like the boot is included in Bob's either. Lovely build you're doing. Mine was not so fortunate. 39K original car. My theory is it was driven those miles early in life, then parked in a swamp, then given an amature restoration, then bounced around questionable dealers. It really needed a complete restoration but that would have been extremely cost prohibitive as my customer paid way too much from one of those dealers.. I am nearly done with a complete mechanical, electrical and hydro-electrical restoration. ALL systems now working as they should, engine running properly (Soon, when the carb gets back, and a small charging issue sorted) Dash chrome and steering wheel restored. Only mods are the clock is now quartz, and radio has modern internals but music search still works as well as foot pedal for station changing. It now has FM too. Fix these leaks, shocks rebuilt, new brake hoses, and system flush. Then DRIVE it home!
  2. Any idea if the kit is different between Bob's and cars? Theirs says improved for dyna flow also. Got it apart today. Benefits of a lift. Made a chuck to hold the axle with my trans jack. The kit does not come with the rubber boot that I had to remove. It is intact, but I'd prefer to replace with new. Think I need more parts.
  3. Oh, sorry. 1953 Buick Skylark. Leaks horribly at both ends.
  4. Does anyone know if the seal kit from the common aftermarket guys (C@R$) is any good? Just found some older posts from 2012 saying that the kit was junk...(After I've already bought it) It says improved. Hoping so. Looks like it's going to be a bad enough job. Don't want to do it twice.
  5. My Dad's car since new. Clean clean. Never seen winter, never smoked in. 80K Miles. Runs and drives great. Must be seen and driven to appreciate. Call J.R. for more information. 518-677-5603 Before 7pm eastern please.
  6. So the horn contact is all fixed and works great. Interior assembled!! What I still desperately need is the battery hold down. With the brackets that tie it to the inner fender. I cann get the rods and wing nuts, But thats really all I find for a V8 car. All the ones listed aftermarket say Straight 8. Been looking for months! As always, any help is always greatly appreciated! JR.
  7. Left him a message this AM. He hasn't responded yet.
  8. Anyone here familiar with the "Classic Preservation Coalition" and Hal the owner in Schenectedy NY. ? Got totally taken by Dana Briton at "SU carbs.com" on a rebuild of my 4 barrel Stromberg on a 53 Buick Skylark. Have had terrible luck with Carb rebuilders in the past. Any help is greatly appreciated. JR.
  9. Thanks mll1446, I'm looking for the contact that the part you show makes contact with inside the column. It's a brass sleave slipped over a rubber bushing around the steering shaft. Has a wire soldered to it that runs inside the shaft up to the horn button. I can get a pic if you think you might have one. Thanks either way! JR.
  10. Looking for the brass contact ring and wire that runs up the column to the steering wheel. I could probably get by with just the brass ring (Mine is split) and solder a new wire to it. The car is a 1953 Buick skylark. Not sure if it is the same part for other models. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also looking for the correct battery hold down for the same with a V8. Need the top and brackets that hold it to the inner fender. Thanks in advance. You can respond here or Call me at 518-677-5603. J.R.
  11. Can't find them anywhere. There are rubber boots that cover the sockets from the back on the front marker lights of this 1953 Buick Skylark model 76X. They seem very necessary as the socket is very exposed in the wheel well, and would be very hard to install after I install my new wiring. Any one have any, or tips on where I might look? Checked all the ussual parts suppliers as well as Steele rubber, and A&M, Bobs etc. Any help greatly ppreciated!
  12. Does anyone know anything about what might be going on with Edmund Pease at Narragansett wiring? He supposedly completed my very expensive and already paid for complete wiring harness for my customers 1953 Buick Skylark convertible. Spoke with him last on 5-8-19 he said it was boxed up and ready to ship. I have done business with him for years. Bought 3 other harnesses from him. His phone is now out of service...Doesn't take long for something to ship from RI. to NY. So I'm kind of freaking out... Any help or info. is greatly appreciated! JR. CTH Automotive Update: Got my harness! Then realized he must have built it for a Riv. My power window, seat harness should have power top wiring too....And mine doesn't Nor do I have wiring for power antenna....UGH...Does anyone need a body harness for a non convertible???
  13. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd put this here. Need a correct power antenna switch for a 1953 Buick skylark. Any help greatly appreciated. JR.
  14. I am sorry if this is going off topic.let me know if I'm not using good forum etiquette. Does anyone here know Edmund Pease, Narragansett productions? I've dealt with him for years. Bought 3 other harnesses from him. Last we talked, a week ago last Wednesday. He said my harness was boxed to ship. Been waiting for months. Haven't gotten it, and his phone is out of service.....I really like the guy and am worried. Also worried about my very expensive already paid for harness.. Any info, or other contact info I might try...is greatly appreciated..... JR.
  15. 2 PS's. Yes Al I do now have that extra 1/8 turn end play on both stops you referenced. Did not before. Also, just informed my customer of the fix, and told him I wouldn't be billing for the time. He said bill for ALL my time. I guess my rep. is intact...:)