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  1. 2 PS's. Yes Al I do now have that extra 1/8 turn end play on both stops you referenced. Did not before. Also, just informed my customer of the fix, and told him I wouldn't be billing for the time. He said bill for ALL my time. I guess my rep. is intact...:)
  2. OK...Much as I didn't want to tackle this on a Monday, I did...Hauled it back out without scratching anything. Studied my manual. Took apart only what I had to to move the shaft a tooth. Or at least I hoped I did cause it's hard to see where it was. Re centered everything. Bolted it back together, 5.5 turns lock to lock! Got it back in roughly. Box needs to be centered on mounts etc. And boy does it need an alignment! But my back hurts now, and plenty of time for the details.. Thank you so much to everyone and especially Al!!!! Could not have done it without you sir!!! Now, if it ever gets here, on to the wiring harness!!! JR at CTH Automotive
  3. You definately nailed it Al. I am so grateful for your help! I know now what needs to be done and the guess work is behind me thanks to your help. It may cost some time and backwards progress, but it's still progress and the end product will be right for my customer. Always my goal! It will be next week sometime before I get back to it, but I will keep you posted as to what I find. JR.
  4. I respectfully disagree. By fixing it myself, I retain control over my project. Handing him back the box leaves me waiting and hoping he doesn't do any of the bad things you mentioned. I'll make it right, probably not charge for most of my time and be totally up front with my customer. THAT preserves my rep with him. He is hardly the first vender I've been disappointed in. Small claims or any other legal action is far too costly on all levels. Also really hinders forward progress. The matter with the caddy is a $10k engine job NOT counting labor. This box was $300. As was said here. It's not rocket science in this box. I'm sure I can get in and reset the gears. The biggest thing he is guilty of here is not bench testing it. I am convinced this box was off when he got it, and he put it back that way. Not an excuse, but not near as critical as making sure he makes good on this engine build, AND he's the one that can take it in and out so I don't have too! NOT an easy task. I really appreciate your input on this, but I have to think of the big picture. I'm stepping away for a couple days while I get this 56 Olds running and driving safely for a Marine vet. That may only have this summer left to drive his beloved classic. As soon as I'm back after the box I'll let you all know. THANKS AGAIN!!! JR.
  5. No clue. He bought it as a pro built motor. Made it 5k. This guy rebuilt. Made it 1k. I'm just the installer. And the owners friend so this kind of sucks...
  6. That's kind of the direction I was leaning....while I kick myself for not doing it in the first place. I probably need someone else to at least help me get it in and out again. I'm too old to horse that thing twice! I hear you Konga man. But he has to fix that caddy before I can risk pissing him off more..."people are funny" we say around here. Flat top, it's an .080 over 500 with a dual quad tunnel ram thru the hood. Lol, I know not everyone's taste, but it's pretty cool!
  7. Hi al, Pardon my French, but Oh S$#T! Sounds like you've nailed it...The fact that I have to remove the box again is one thing. Where I go with it is another...I have lost all faith in this rebuilder. He recently built a Cadilac engine for another Client/friend of mine. It is back there now with MAJOR issues....So I will not be bringing it back to him as he also is the type who takes great offense when faced with complaints. I have used Lares before with no issues, but another restorer I know who does much higher level work than I does not recommend them anymore. Shipping these things is a bear too...Plus I'm probably eating this one as my customer has already paid for a rebuild once... I'll let you know a plan as soon as I have one....Thanks oh so much for your time Al. I am so glad I came here for help! JR. PS. So if I'm understanding this correctly. If we center the teeth correctly, THEN when my wheel is centered, My wheels will likely be way off. Thats why I see the difference in my TR adjustment now....This thing was screwed up by the previous "Restorers" UGH.....
  8. Hi Al, This pic shows the pitman installed. That matches the marks I put on before disassembly. Wheels as straight as they can be , but visably misaligned. Looks like it's pretty parallel to the frame. Certainly couldn't move it to the next set of splines and be closer. When I spoke with the rebuilder. He talked about how some boxes are more difficult to center than others. He says this one is either right or way off...Looks like from the diagram that a tooth off would be way off. Says he marks everything on disassembly, and I can see his marks on the pitman shaft. He is a reputable restorer and also builds drag cars. I do worry that maybe it was wrong when he got it and he just put it back. But considering how short the rotation of the pitman shaft is (3/4 of a turn) and looking at the diagram, centering the teeth on the Pitman shaft looks like the only way one would set it up. One tooth looks like would make it very wrong... I'm getting tempted to trailer this thing to the alignment shop and solve this before the rest of it goes back together...I certainly don't want the column going back on without being sure...I was feeling ok about this, now not so much....I'm also not sure about the rotation difference. I don't have the steering wheel yet so I'm using vice grips on the shaft. That shouldn't matter...should it.? In looking at the Tie rod adj. The right side needs to be shortened, and the left lengthened. That will get me turning sharper to the right, which is what I need... Hard trying to solve ALL the problems when you're working alone. Thanks so much to all for the help! JR.
  9. Still have the front seat? Condition? Pics? and Price please.
  10. Not to get too off topic, but...Anyone have any idea where I can find a power antenna switch?? I have the mounting bracket that says Antenna on it. I need the switch and bezel that holds it in. These are apparently impossible to find. It is the last piece of the electrical puzzle I need... Thanks again!!! JR.
  11. Wow Al! You are a wealth of information! Just went and double checked the number. Definately says B2 on it...Other than that it seems exactly the same. 7 inches, same bend, haven't removed it from the linkage to look at the ball but attaches same as yours...Wonder what the difference between B1,2 and 3 are... Sorry for my incorrect terminology on the "intermediate" TRE. But yes appears mines fine. There are definately twice as many theads showing on the right tie rod adjuster sleave than on the left. So I am hoping that's my issue. Had to move forward, so I installed the starter, and exhaust yesterday. This AM I got fuel up to the carb, hot wired it and test fired it. Needed to know if everything I did to the engine internally was going to work. It did!! Made 45 PSI oil pressure, sounded great, no knocks or ticks, all the oil stayed in..lol. It even seems the carb is going to work well. I still will never recomend the rebuilder I used tho.
  12. I can't blame my customer for anything but trusting the dealer that sold it to him. TOTALLY MISREPRESENTED as a gorgeous restoration. It was nothing but lipsticked and WAY over priced! Absolutely nothing we done correctly. Unfortunately the budget does not allow a nut and bolt resto that it needs. So I am tasked to make everything work at least, and beautify what I can.
  13. Anyone have casting numbers for correct Pitman arm? and answer to my question about inner TRE?
  14. Konga man, Yes and yes, but toe definately off.
  15. Yes, I saw all that in my manual. I actually gave copies of all the rebuilding procedures to my rebuilder. He says he's very careful to mark everything before disassembly as he's seen other boxes be very particular. I asked him about it, and he said this one is pretty easy as it's either right or way off. Since it went back together with my marks lining up the same as when I took it apart, I tend to believe him. The people who "Restored" this car pretty much screwed up every system I have been into so far, so I would not be surprised if they just threw the front end back together, and never aligned anything.