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  1. By the way, in case anyone might be interested in what I've got. website : http://www.buggysteps.com
  2. I really appreciate all the help you guys have given me. You guys are all specialize automobile people. I'm a named buggy step collector. At present time I've only got4 cast steps from early autos and a Buick truck. I've got a website for my steps and I try to tell a little about each step IF I find valid info about the step. On the display that I take to different shows I try to get a photo of the cars and truck to illustrate the step. So I really appreciate the photo caddyshack attached. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Guys! I really appreciate your knowledge and comments.
  4. Could someone tell me what vehicle this step was used on. I also have a copy of pencil drawing from a buggy step book I have. Any information regarding that step would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Is there any chance anyone has a photo of one of the cars that has this step on it? I'm looking for a photo to place beside my step. Or if someone wouldn't mind sending me a copy of a parts book that illustrates this step would be appreciated. I'm not looking for the entire book just something in print showing this step would be great. Thanks
  6. I hope this does not disappoint you but the top photo is not of a buggy step. I is from a watering cup for cattle. Search ebay for "antique cow water bowl. I can not see the top of the 2nd photo good enough to see if it is the same thing, just different production.
  7. I collect old cast steel steps from early cars (horseless carriages) and buggy steps that have names inscribed in them. I recently acquired a step that says "Maxwell". I would like to know which model car it was used on and year(s) of production. Thanks, Ernie
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