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  1. Boy, was I wrong with what I thought that the center nose molding clips looked like. I have spoke to Dave in the past regarding other parts I needed. Think I'll call him again. Thanks for the photos of the clips. This is way I like requesting help from this forum. A lot of very informative people with extensive knowledge. Thank you very much Gary W. for the information regarding the different types of clips based on Buicks, now I know what to search for. Thanks to all!!!
  2. I am nearing the final stages of restorations to my 37 Buick 46S and seeking information regarding the various molding fasteners. I purchase this project completely disassembled from an estate of a person who passed away. I have search the website of restoration specialist and found that they have just about any kind of fasteners that you may need. But HOW does a person know what to purchase? Especially the nose molding fasteners which are of different sizes because of the taper of the molding. Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jakes
  3. My thanks goes out to Carl for providing me with the spare tire lock cup that I have been searching for!!!
  4. Hi Carl, I do have the lock, so all that I would need is the cup. the less rust the better. If you could email me with your price, and payment method, it would be appropriated. Thanks, Jakes ..... jjrestore@aim.com
  5. yes, I have called Dave a few times for this part. Maybe it's time to call him again. Thanks !!!
  6. I am looking for one (1) fender mount spare tire locking cup. This parts secures the key lock to the fender mount. Below is a photo of the part that I need. Please reply if you have this part. Thanks, Jakes
  7. Glad to see you're back Roger! I'm am the person that inquired if you had a spare tire mounting cup (example photo of round cup above). Thanks, Jakes
  8. Again, thanks to all who have replied. A lot of good comments and suggestions. I also am a believer that less is better. I only asked this question regarding what is the name of the product that is seen on the auto restoration tv shows as not one of the guys that I talk to knows what it is. I have also asked my local PPG dealer and they also don't know. I guess this will be an unanswered question that I can live with. Thanks, Jakes
  9. Thanks to all that replied to my original question!!! Although it seems that Rage products were the preference of a filler to be used, my original question still remains unanswered. On auto restoration TV shows they use a product of mass quantities to get a smooth panel/s. Chip Foose on Overhauling' uses a lot of this product. Could it be Rage products, I don't know, does anybody know??
  10. We've seen TV auto restoration episodes that show them applying a smooth creamy like auto body filler over a complete panel and in some cases over the entire car. Very easy, and dusty sanding process to achieve a flat surface. What is the product that they use??? Thanks, Jakes 😁
  11. I am searching for one (1) fender spare tire mounting cup. Maybe I am not calling it by its proper name. It is a 5" in diameter and secures the lock in place. Attached is a photo. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Jakes
  12. Hi Roger, I also have the dual mounts like yours. What I'm am looking for is one (1) of the round lock mounts that holds the lock. Would you happen to have one for sale? Thanks, Jakes. jjrestore@aim.com
  13. Thanks Bloo for the great advice. I did what you suggested and found that I did have 6+ volts at the + side of the coil. However when I tested the - side of the coil there was power at the points opened or closed. When I first started working on this problem, I made a new wire which ran from the binding post on the distributer to the points, because the original one was very frayed. I did not, at that time, realize that the wire had both steel and copper strands. The one I made was made of copper only, so that may have been one problem. The other problem was that I had only one wire, not two.
  14. It's me again, Jakes. It's back again, no spark. In my last entry I mention that after installing a new coil, points & condenser it had very good spark. Well, didn't last that long. It was cranking and producing a very good spark. I thought that finally after over 20 years not starting (due to restoration and a professional engine rebuild) it would fire up. It tried to start a number of times, then that dreaded no spark issue returned. I rechecked everything that I could think of but nothing worked. I'm lost, again. Thanks for any help that you may provide.
  15. Well, I purchased a new set of points and installed them. To my surprise the engine fired right up. Thanks again to all of your suggestions. I'm sure that I'll be using this forum again, and again, Jakes out. Marty I agree with you, if the old one can be fixed, fix it.
  16. Thanks for all of your replies. The points looked like they were new, but I did clean them up by sanding and filing very lightly. Looks like I will probably get new ones anyway, and try again. I am aware that even new condensers can be bad, that is why I installed a new one. So, what is the best way to make sure you have a good condenser??? As mentioned in my original entry, the engine turns over very easily, so I do not believe that a starter draw is a factor. For some reason I neglected to send the above reply. After reading all of your replies, I located an old set of points that came
  17. I'm attempting to start (for the first time) a 1937 Buick Opera Coupe that I recently purchased from an estate. The vehicle had been in a 20 year restoration project by the previous owner (now deceased). The engine was professionally rebuilt and has not been fired up. The engine does turn over very easily, but does not start. It has new plug wires, points, cap, rotor, condenser, coil, and a rebuilt carb. My problem is that I do not have spark. The timing has been set, and am getting power to the new coil. With an ohm meter check the points (when opened) and there isn't any continuity, so that'
  18. I agree, looks exactly like the one in my 1937 Buick.
  19. Hi Marty, I am not familiar with Mr. Seybold, How do I contact him?
  20. I don't think that all telescoping supports would be the same because of the difference in travel length from deck lids to deck lids, some opening more (or less) than others. If someone that has a coupe with this type of support could measure its length, that would be greatly appreciated. Jakes
  21. I am in the need for a pair of telescoping deck lid supports. I do have the elbow arm type but would prefer the telescoping style. Thanks, Jakes.
  22. MrEarl, no, I do not Instagram. With the help of Dave Tacheny, I did purchase from him a set of the spare tire covers. I received these parts yesterday, and for a very reasonable price. Therefore, my search for the center covers now has come to an end. However, the covers did not come with the center stainless steel rings, nor the Buick badge trims. I do have a set of the Buick badge trims which I will attempt to remove the small dings and re-use. I will be posting a search for these trim rings and for a set of deck lid telescoping supports. Thank you very much for all of your help, it was gr
  23. Thanks Matthew, I already contacted Dave. He'll get back to me on the floor plate as well as the 2 spare tire wheel covers I'm looking for. Thanks again, Jakes By the way, my Club membership application is in the mail.
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