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  1. Looking for an Autolite generator distributor housing. My Generator # is GJ 4014. It has a water pump drive hole also. This housing came on a variety of generators without water pump hole . That's ok , I can drill it. They were cast iron instead of potmetal. If you have anything, Please let me know. Thanks .
  2. Hey Hans, Kenny here. Do you have the Autolite distributor gear number for the 23 Star W4 ? Thanks
  3. Cleaned off back of head. # is W4A 602J
  4. Hello Bud. My motor # is 86121. Starter # is G 4004.
  5. Hello Carl Look like what I need. Interested in distributor and water pump drive and shaft pieces. My # 860-559-0437 East Hartford, CT Thx
  6. Hello, Looking for a Autolite distributor for a 23 Star. Generator # G J 4014. A NY information or parts for conversion due to poor cast of that era. Thanks Ken
  7. Looking for an Autolite distributor for my 23 Durant Star. It is generator powered. The generator also powers the water pump. The generator number is GJ 4014. Any parts or conversion information would be helpful. I do not have a number It currently has a early Delco in it with a backyard installation. Car has 8063 miles on it. Worth finding an original. Thanks Kenny