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  1. So we went ahead and removed the rocker shafts, cleaned evertything up, got the "stuck" valves moving, and all valves very well lubed. We have one stopping point right now and that is finding the right gasket. We cant seem to find anywhere that sells the gasket for the "pan" under the intake manifold. It is a cork gasket, and it goes around the Rocker pan that is directly underneath the intake manifold that holds the oil in the valley. Does anywhere have a part number, or know where we can order just that gasket? Thanks in advance.
  2. 1956 Buick Super four door with the 322ci. I was very close to purchasing this from my grandpa when all of a sudden it started running terribly. We pulled the intake manifold only to find three bent pushrods. This car was sitting for 14 years before we got it running a few weeks ago. Im assuming that these valves are stuck. Short of taking the heads off can anyone give me some advice on how to fix this? Also, there is no oil coming through the rocker arms when the engine is being turned over. My experience on Pontiac engine is the oil will squirt a few feet when turned over. Can someone also please give me some guidance on how to get oil flowing through the rocker arms? Thanks in advance for your support!
  3. Thanks! I am located in Cincinnati Ohio.
  4. I can post a picture of the assembly later tonight. Unfortunately years ago someone already disconnected the motor from the regulator. The year in the motor (puck style) is just sitting in the motor, meaning I can grab it and pull it out with my hand. Is there any way that this stays fixed in the motor, like a c clip or something?
  5. Hi my name is Jamie from Cincinnati Ohio. I recently bought a 1956 Buick Super four door from my grandpa. The car has been sitting in a garage since 2004, and was rarely driven before then. I am currently 26, and this is the second classic car project i am taking on. I also have a 1950 Ford F1 that my wife and i bought as a project with some of our wedding money. I was in the middle of installing a four link, and rear air bags to that when grandpa had to start selling his collection. The Ford has been put on hold to focus efforts more on the Buick. I plan on keeping it mostly stock, with exception of some interior luxury items possibly. I have learned alot from reading the post on this forum so far, and look forward to becoming a part of this huge Buick community. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone for all of the replies. I have decided to purchase the car and have started working on it already. I appreciate all of the information you have given me, and all of the useful information on this site in general. You will for sure see some threads started from me for some help along the way (after i use the search function of course)!
  7. Hi all, I recently aquired my grandpas 1956 Buick Super 4 door equipped with power windows. I am having a few issues with the passenger rear. First Issue: The window motor quick working about fifteen years ago, and the mechanic at that time pulled the entire window/regulator/motor assembly and put it in the trunk. Evertyhing i have read so far talks about a spring i need to watch out for because it could be dangerous. Does anyone have any advice as to how i reinstall this assembly safely? Second Issue: The motor doesent seem to work. When i put positive on either wire, i just get a spark/click (yes i am grounding the housing). I have the motor apart, but not sure what to do to try to get this thing to work. There seems to be what looks like "points" inside the cap. They appear to be corroded, and have zero gap, do these work like points from a distributor that need to be cleaned/gapped? If all else fails, does someone have a part number for a modern replacement motor that i can use? Thanks for all of the help in advance!
  8. aburnseeker, The paint probably will clean up nice, but its not original. In the door jambs you can see it was two toned, white bottom, black middle, white top.
  9. I am looking at buying my grandpas 1956 Buick super. It is the automatic and has the 322 nailhead. The car has 30,000 original miles, and a newer interior. There are no rust holes in the body, only small pitting and rust on the chrome. It runs and drives without issue. The paint is not in very good shape, and there's some scratches and dings here and there. He is looking at selling it to me for $6000. There's a lot of sentimental value for me, but I want to make sure that I'm not overpaying, and want to make sure he isn't selling it too cheap. Please let me know your thoughts, and any questions you may have. Thanks