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  1. In fact I believe that is Alberto Santos Dumont in the passenger seat...
  2. It certainly looks similar, possibly had some changes made at some point. My great grandfather was a prominent man and spent a majority of his time between France and Brazil so this could definitely be related.
  3. Thank you guys for reassuring. Would love to know model if anyone else knows. Happy to know it is in fact a talbot. Thanks again!
  4. Hello everyone, I stumbled upon the forum while searching to see if I might be able to identify the car below. This was my great grandfather in the driver seat. The story goes that this was the first car imported to Brazil. The picture is dated November 1907. I am wondering if anyone on here might be able to identify the male and model. So far it seems to be a Talbot but I am not 100% certain as the brass era is a little bit outside my knowledge base. Any info would be great!
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