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  1. Hello All, Does anyone know what this Radiator goes to. Thanks Jeanne
  2. Thank you, Frank. I guess I'll flip my picture when I list it. (Shows ya how much I know about car parts.) Jean
  3. Thank You Are these even worth trying to sell? Jean
  4. Hello, I'm digging into a box of instrument panels. I have no idea what they go to. Help
  5. Has on the back Clum Milwaukee Pt No. 10491 I know its a headlight switch but is it also an Ignition? Thanks Jean
  6. Thanks TerryB The invoice is dated 1982 and don't see a part number (half of the invoice has been eaten). Jean
  7. Hello, It's a Dorman Door Latch Spring DL31 Copper Color. What would it go to? Thanks Jean
  8. Ok Thanks I found the "What is it Board" so I'll just post over there. Thanks
  9. Hello All, I have a NOS Citroen Catalytic Converter in the box. I also have the invoice but it doesn't tell me what it goes to Help. Also what would something like this go for? Thanks Jeanne
  10. Thank you, the door latches are all Dorman Products. I will definitely check out "What is it". I'm probably gonna drive ya'll nuts. Sorry I also snapped some pics of gages, there pretty rough. Is it worth it to sell them.
  11. Hello All, Just joined the site. Let me start by saying I know Nothing about old cars. These parts are older than I am. I have been given access to a warehouse with a lot of NOS and used antique car parts. I'm talking cases of stuff. Is there a website where I can list the model/ part number and find out what car it went to? I just pull out a case of new door latch springs but I don't know what cars they go to. Help Thanks Jean
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