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  1. Hello, I make brass skins for 1931-32 Olds wire wheel hubcaps. They are spun on a lathe and the logo is stamped into the center. They are ready for polishing and chroming and attaching onto the metal hub cap after removal of the "original skin" Contact me at for these and other 31 Olds parts including the rubber floor plate at the base of the steering column and clutch and brake pedals.----John S.
  2. Hello, I had 10 SS cowl bands made many years ago from a company named BOW TIE Reproductions. They had them made by a company that made cowl bands for Chevrolet. The Olds bands are 1 1/2 inches longer than the 31 Chevy. The Olds bands were a perfect fit and I have one on my 31 Olds Sedan. I sold all my repro bands and even my rechromed original that we used to get the correct length of the bottom ends. The width is the same across the top of the cowl. Contact a Chevy parts distributer and see if they can get bands made 1 1/2 inches longer on each side. That length extension MUST be on the two sides but ABOVE the lower attaching bolt unit.----John S.--- PS I also have a lot of 1931 Olds parts for sale as well as brass wire wheel hub cap skins and the rubber floor plate that goes around the clutch, brake pedals. Send me a request to for a list of available parts.
  3. Hello, I make brass hubcap skins for 1931and 1932 Oldsmobile wire wheel hubcaps. I have metal spinning chucks for both and a male/female die set for stamping the center log. See ma at