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  1. Thanks Roy, I imagine that you are on point. Would you venture a guess of value of price range?
  2. Hello Zephyr Collectors/Admirers, I am trying to get advice on the best way to sell a car that my Grandfather had been restoring (#'s matching 41' 2 door sedan), it is all but complete except for the exhaust. However, he passed away before he finished. I can't say the exact level of restoration that was completed, but it is definitely not an amateur job. It had a custom ordered leather interior and we had it redone with a cowbelly-hide and all the carpeting to spec. It is a Midnight bluish color (I will post pictures soon!). I am trying to help with selling and I'm not sure the best way. Do you think that we will loose a lot of value by not having the exhaust completed, if everything else is done? We are located in (Central) New Jersey. I am open to hearing any and all suggestions and I really appreciate anyone's insight!