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  1. Dodgy6> Ha, must be a limited release pack or something, mines missing the chassis no. like yours too! Hows the progress on your build going? keiser31> Thanks for the helpful info. and a 30' DD6? lol, that would explain the difference.... I know nothing about ID of the various Dodge/Chrysler models, I only have this one because I like that era of vehicles and chanced upon it in my travels. The more I look into the early Dodges, the more I like though
  2. Found this pic from another thread on this site,
  3. Agreed, but the 'bead line' running across the doors and back of cab is different. The couple of pics I've looked at of the 31' has the bead splitting and following up the rear side windows and around the cab, where as mine is a straight line (approx. 2-2 1/2 inches wide), then tapering down to about an inch as it wraps around the back of cab.
  4. Just found this pic from before I stripped it down. The radiator cowl, I purchased from USA online.
  5. Yep, that's one of the reasons I'm unsure. I've found a 29' Chrysler 66?, that I'm hopefully picking up next month. The cowl has no vents and the dash is different, but apart from that, the two are identical. With any luck, I can make something from the two.
  6. Not the greatest picture, all of the others that I have tried to upload fail for some reason
  7. There doesn't seem to be any markings on the chassis or body. I have 3 of the shocks. It had an engine block in it when dragged out, 6 cyl with a H prefix. The block is currently at a mates in storage, but I will try to get the engine no., if it helps. All of the DA's that I have seen have a solid/smooth cowl top, mine has an opening 'air vent'?? I'm curious as to what year it might be.
  8. Disregard the ford axle, I was playing with ideas
  9. Hi, I'm new to this site and am after some help identifying my dodge chassis. I think it's a 29' da? It was pulled out of the bush after years of sitting. It's been through fires, shot at and only it knows what else. i can only seem to upload this one photo, so hopefully I can upload the others in comments.
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